Thank you Letter from Mrs. Maguire

Dear Country School Families,

Thank you all for attending last night’s Back to School Night. It was wonderful to have everyone together and to welcome you all. We hope you enjoyed the evening and the classroom presentations, as the teachers all worked hard to prepare.

In an effort to keep my Welcome Back message brief, I failed to mention a few important things. In addition to our wonderful classroom teachers, we have a number of other faculty members whom I’d like to acknowledge. Our specialists have an impressive range of expertise in PE, Art, Music, Spanish and Library. We also have a very talented team of Special Education teachers and therapist. Each of our faculty and staff members contribute to the rich learning experiences our students encounter every day. We hope that next year we will be able to build in time for families to visit their spaces as well.

I hope you all had a chance to take in the beautiful art work lining our halls. Our Art Teacher, Ms. Lucas, spent the first few weeks of school helping students create art work inspired by the book, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. This text was used to inspire all Country School Artists, and Ms. Lucas was able to display a “ Dot” themed art piece from EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY STUDENT! There is also a collaborative piece that all students contributed to, hanging from the ceiling right when you walk in the door. It was no easy task to pull off, and the outcome was so worth it. If you didn’t get the chance to see the art last night, please stop in soon to take a peek.

We have an exciting year ahead and we are looking forward to collaborating with families to provide our students with all that they need to have a memorable year. Thank you again for attending last night!


Erin Maguire
Country School