Grade 2 Team

Grade Leader – Jessica Gerson

Tel: 781-786-5400

Teachers –  Kristin Morrison, Anna Winchell, Janis Fathman, Jessica Gerson

Grade 2 Curriculum

Reading: Children take part in Guided Reading lessons at their appropriate reading level. Strategies for problem solving difficult words, fluency, reading for understanding, and making appropriate book choices for silent reading are addressed in these groups. Children read fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Word Study and Spelling: Children are introduced to a variety of patterns and rules of English orthography on a weekly basis and practice word sorts.

Writing: Children write personal narratives, letters, nonfiction reports, responses to literature and poetry. Mini-lessons focus on pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing, as well as sequencing of ideas and descriptive language.

Handwriting: At the beginning of the year correct manuscript is reviewed: formation of letters, appropriate use of capital letters, appropriate letter size and spacing, and accurate placement of letters on the line.

Math: The grade 2 mathematics program is based on Weston’s Standards which are aligned with the MA State Frameworks for mathematics. Our curriculum has a strong emphasis on problem solving, number sense and operations, computation, patterns relations and algebra, measurement and geometry.

Science: Students engage in units on plants, balance and motion, bees and butterflies (pollinators)

Social Studies: Social Studies is organized around thematic units of  communities and continents, and People Who Make a Difference. 2nd graders also participate in the annual Bristol Lodge Food and Supplies Drive.

Grade 2 Homework: (designed to take about 20 minutes)

Reading Contract begins October 1. Children must read at least 4 nights.

Math Homework begins October 15. Math will come home on Wednesday.

All weekly homework must be returned to school every Friday.