The Homework Committee (faculty, parents, and administrators) has met over months of Friday afternoons exploring the academic research on homework, gathering policies and guidelines from districts all over the country, and looking at results from our six years of Student Life Survey Data.  Our last few meetings have focused on the questions that would help us all consider the nature of the homework experience in the context of all of our research to date.

What’s next? The charge for the homework committee is to make a policy recommendation. We have learned that most policies are relatively general. Guidelines, that are separate documents, would need to be created. This work will require significant faculty input.

There will be updates and posts found here throughout this next phase in our work.

In the words of a WHS senior, we are striving to “get it right…so that students are able to live as well as learn.”


Steps to Explore the Data:

  1. Download and install the free reader from Tableau here.
  1. Watch the video below for tips on exploring the data.
  1. Download the data and explore on your own.  This link will bring you to a file that must be downloaded.  Once the file is downloaded, double click the file and Tableau will open.