Did you know that a special group of students have created an awesome, impactful, fun club that seeks to increase HAPPINESS at Weston High School? 

The Happiness Club at Weston High School started in the Fall of 2021 in an effort to increase joy, well-being, and connectedness among students, faculty/staff, and the greater community of Weston.  The creation of the club came about as a response to the unique challenges faced by all during the pandemic. The Happiness Club was founded to address increased reports of anxiety and depression among adolescents across the nation, but by acting locally first.  There is incredible excitement surrounding this group and the remarkable impact it is having on Weston High School and the Weston community.

The mission of the club states, “Our goal is to promote happiness and positivity in the hopes of achieving stronger mental health throughout the school community.  Our goals can be achieved by an active membership via a range of simple campaigns and projects.” Research shows that as much as 40% of what you do, how you respond, and what you see are in your control!  Choose happiness!

There are currently 15 students in the club, with the amazing Mr. John Eldridge, WHS Chorus Teacher, serving as the advisor.  WHS is fortunate to have the positivity and energy of Maja Reczek and Brigid Arturi  serving as the student co-leaders. Through various campaigns, such as Positive Post-It Notes for teachers, Candy-grams for students, and Positivity Calendars for the whole school, the club looks to spread joy one smile at a time.  

The Happiness Club meets biweekly on Thursdays during the activity block in the Music/Choral Room and is always looking for new members.  Want to know more?  Have ideas of how we can make WHS even more joyful?  Join the Happiness Club! And stay tuned for upcoming Happiness projects and events!