Schools had to make many adjustments at the height of Covid-19, and we were happy to phase out many of those changes as the pandemic subsided. But some of the creative ways schools kept everyone safe were worth keeping intact, including outdoor lunch at Weston Middle School!

Students love the opportunity to go outside for lunch each day at WMS. When the weather is nice, students can be found enjoying valuable social time together over meals at more than a dozen picnic tables. Many students engage in physical activities on the playspace provided by WEEFC – including pick-up basketball, football, soccer, four-square, tag and of course the big hit, GaGa Ball. These games – and other activities such as walks in the woods – engage students in movement and exercise, thus reducing stress and helping to develop social skills.  Other activities that occur during lunch time include meetings of the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Community Service Club, Chess Club, and Student Councils – giving students time and space to engage socially with peers in areas of mutual interest.  

A grade seven student shared, “I love our outdoor lunches. I relax and eat with friends and then I can blow off some steam with lots of choices.”  A grade six student noted, “It’s great because I can run around and play tag with friends.”   

At a time when the social and emotional well being of our students is the highest priority, outdoor lunch and recess is a tremendous benefit for WMS students, fostering physical movement, relaxing engagement, and a variety of positive social opportunities.  

As the weather gets warmer, everyone at WMS is looking forward to getting outside during the lunch block!