Massachusetts’ compulsory attendance law provides that school age children between the ages of 6 and 16 must attend a recognized and/or approved school or be educated in some other way that is approved in advance by the local school district.

In accordance with the district’s Home Schooling Policy and Regulation, the homeschooling process is initiated by a written request from parent(s) and/or guardian(s) to Dr. Kimo Carter, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, with the submission of an educational plan for the student. The plan must include the following elements:

  • Subjects of study
  • Home teaching schedule
  • Materials and/or curriculum
  • Academic credentials or other qualifications of who will be instructing the student
  • The method(s) of assessment that will be used for each subject area and how the method will influence/direct instruction

If you need assistance in developing your home schooling plan or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kimo Carter at

If it is determined that the plan meets the minimum standards established for public schools, approval will be granted. In addition to the above approval, a written evaluation must be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning at the end of the school year, indicating the progress student obtained in each subject area.

To request approval for a homeschooling program, please submit your child’s educational plans along with this Notice of Intent to Pursue a Program of Home Education form to the Office of Teaching & Learning, 89 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA  02493.  Forms can also be emailed to Karen Stern, Teaching & Learning Administrative Assistant at

Please click here for Weston’s Home Schooling Policy and Regulation

Please click here for the Notice of Intent to Pursue a Program of Home Education form