Community Use of School Facilities

Residents of Weston and Town employees and organizations whose activities serve Weston youth and/or an audience composed predominately of Weston residents shall be permitted occasional use of the school facilities for worthwhile civic, educational, recreational, or philanthropic purposes when such use will not interfere with the school program. All groups seeking to rent space will be charged fees to cover the cost of utilities, custodial services, and any special costs.

Weston individuals and/or groups interested in renting space should contact the Business Office to ensure space availability. Written applications should be submitted to the Building Principal for review and initial approval. Once approved, the applications are forwarded to the Business Office. The Business Office, working closely with the Facilities Department, will determine cost projections. The Business Office then returns a signed form or forms to the individual and/or group who submitted the application.

Facilities Department

The Facilities Department is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of all school and municipal buildings and school grounds.  In addition, the Director of Facilities serves as staff to the Permanent Building Committee.

Gary Jarobski, Director of Facilities

The Director of Facilities plans, organizes, directs and controls all aspects of town and school facility needs. Develops and recommends to the Superintendent of Schools, Town Manager, and Permanent Building Committee plans and policies affecting the schools, community, and the general public. Implements such plans and policies upon approval, assesses their effectiveness, and recommends modifications as required. Maintains long-range plan establishing priorities for facilities maintenance, repairs and improvements. Develops and defends the comprehensive five-year capital improvement plan for municipal and school buildings. Prepares specifications for various maintenance functions and coordinates the activities of private contractors. Establishes town-wide contracts for various maintenance services and functions where doing so will result in economies of scale and cost savings.

  • Gary Jarobski

    Director of Facilities (Town and School)
    PH: 781-786-5270

  • TBD

    Deputy Director of Project Management
    School and Town
    Email: TBD

  • Benjamin (Ben) Polimer

    Polimer, Ben

    Field and Grounds Coordinator
    PH: 781-786-5277