Welcome to Taste Test Day!

The Taste Test Day program is for elementary school students.  Once a month during the lunch period students are offered the opportunity to sample and learn about a vegetable or fruit.  Local, seasonal produce is used from Land’s Sake Farm as much as possible.  In addition to providing a chance to taste a new item, we offer a variety of preparations to expand the student’s expectations of the ingredient.  This also allows the Foodservice Department a chance to test new menu ideas.  In the past, kale pesto, Three Sisters Soup, and white bean hummus have been added to the menu as the result of student feedback during taste tests.  Does your child already love vegetables? How do you prepare them? Does your family have a favorite dish? Let us know! Your recipe could be featured for our Taste Test Days program or even on our menu! Please send ideas and recipes to Charlie Kotufo

Parent volunteers are welcome!    Please contact Charlie for more information.

Kindergarten Art students helped graph the results from our kale pesto taste test. It was a hit!

Taste Test Days

October Taste Test Day Details

In October, students will have the opportunity to taste Spaghetti Squash from Charlie’s Recipe Book.   The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Oct. 15th: Country School

Wednesday, Oct. 16th: Field School

Thursday, Oct. 17th: Woodland School

Cauliflower Taste Test table and Results of Voting

Allergy Information:

Students with food allergies are welcome to participate in Taste Test Days!  Ingredient information about the upcoming tastings will be posted here as well as provided to nurses in all schools participating.  We will make every effort to accommodate food allergies by modifying (or omitting) ingredients or offering substitutes.  During the tasting, all staff and volunteers are instructed to ensure that student’s with food allergies are served safely.  This is a voluntary program.  Students may refuse a sample at any time for any reason.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact Kelly Shaw.