What’s Taste Test Day?

Does your child love vegetables? How do you prepare them? Does your family have a favorite dish? Let us know! Your recipe could be featured for our Taste Test Days program or even on our menu! Please send ideas and recipes to Kelly Shaw ! Please note, we do not serve nut products of any kind. If you would like to volunteer your time to this program, please click the link below.

Taste Test Days

In May we sampled Berry Green Smoothies!    Made with spinach, blueberries, strawberries and banana, these dairy-free smoothies were a huge hit!  We were able to offer the smoothies to Field School students on the menu two additional days as well.  Due to the student’s love of the smoothies, we are exploring the purchase of an additional blender for the district.  Smoothies are a great way to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and can be frozen in popsicle molds for a refreshing summer treat that is fun to eat and contains no added sugar!  The simple formula of 2 cups spinach (or other leafy green), 3 cups fruit (at least one cup frozen) and 2 cups water make it easy to customize your smoothie to suit your tastes or use up what you have on hand!

Bar graph results of potato taste test

In April we celebrated the Harvest of the Month by sampling Roasted Rainbow Potatoes.  The students  compared Yukon gold, purple, and red potatoes that were roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Country and Woodland students voted on their favorite type using potato stamps. As you can see from the graph, Yukon Gold was the clear favorite!

Students at Field School tested their potato knowledge with a trivia contest.  Students who took the quiz were entered to win a VIP lunch experience including express passes to the front of the line, a fine-dining experience, or the chance to pick the lunch menu for the whole school! Winners have been announced and prizes have been distributed.  This was a lot of fun and will be continued next year.  Taste Test Days have concluded for the year, but will resume in all elementary schools in September 2017.  Hope to see you then!

VIP Lunch Experience 4th grade


The schedule for tasting is as follows:
Country School: Tuesday, Sept 12th, Oct 17th, Nov 14th and Dec 12th
Field School: Wednesday, Sept 13th, Oct 18th, Nov 15th and Dec 13th
Woodland School: Thursday, Sept 14th, Oct 19th, Nov 16th, Dec 14th

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