Technology and Library Faculty/Staff listing:


Location Name Title Phone # Email
Case House (District-wide) Dr. Lee McCanne Director of Technology and School Libraries 781-786-5250
Chad Maggs Technology Coordinator 781-786-5254
Scott Lelievre Data Manager 781-786-5252
Howard Small Network Manager 781-786-5256
Lewis Brooks Network Support 781-786-5253
High School
  Michael Sanford Technology Integration Specialist 781-786-5635
Karina Soto Technology Support Specialist 781-786-5876
Alida Hanson Librarian 781-786-5865
Erica Lockwell Library Paraprofessional 781-786-5862
Jane Shay Website Content Manager 781-786-5251
Middle School
  Technology Support Specialist
  Michael Sanford Technology Integration Specialist 781-786-5635
Lorraine Sousa  Librarian  781-786-5636
Lynn Maruskin Library Paraprofessional 781-786-5631
Jane Shay MS Technology Coordinator
WS/CS/FS Emma Kwon Librarian 781-786-5415
WS/CS/FS Kate Benson Technology Integration Specialist 781-786-5315
WS/CS/FS Peter DiTommaso Technology Support Specialist 781-786-5517
CS *** Technology Support A/V


CS Jenny Tulloss Library Paraprofessional 781-786-5416

Nicole Granstaff

Library Paraprofessional



WS/CS/FS Dave Peterson Technology Support Specialist 781-786-5317
WS Jeanmarie Parker Library Paraprofessional 781-786-5316