Device Guidance

We choose devices based on the following criteria:

  • Durability. Our devices need to last 5 years, so purchasing a durable device is very important to us.
  • Price. When purchasing hundreds of devices, price is a critical factor.
  • Performance. Raw CPU power is not the only criterion factor for performance. It is the combination of CPU, RAM, video, and storage working in concert make a reliable computer.  We recommend a more balanced approach to device specifications.  The one exception is RAM, doubling base RAM is often productive and may give the device a longer lifecycle.
  • Size. Computer size is very important. The device must fit on a student’s desk, as well as fit in a backpack with other materials and be light enough to carry. We purchase 11 inch Chromebooks for students grade 3 to 8 and recommend 13 or 14 inch Chromebooks for high school students.  Although we cannot recommend what brand of device you purchase, we can inform you that we ordered Lenovo 100e Chromebooks for the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. We seriously considered the 300e for its touch screen and the 500e for the added stylus capabilities.
  • iPads (K-2). The only requirement is that it be able to run the latest iOS version.
  • WHS Bring Your Own Laptop Policy. Grades 9-12 are encouraged to bring their own device to school. Please click here for more information on equipment recommendations and other important information.
  • Device Insurance Information. Please click here for information on Device Insurance Policies. Grades 6-8 Chromebooks are covered by WPS with a $50 deductible. Other devices: Pre-K to 2 iPads,Grades 3 to 5 Chromebooks and Grade 9 to 12 devices are not covered.