Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) knowledge, reasoning, and skills are essential both to prepare students for personal and civic efficacy in the twenty-first century and to prepare and inspire a much larger and more diverse number of students to pursue the innovative and creative careers of the future. The abilities to effectively use and create technology to solve complex problems are the new and essential literacy skills of the twenty-first century.

Digital literacy and computer science standards in this Framework articulate critical learning outcomes for Kindergarten through Grade 12 to help prepare students for success in world. The standards represent the core elements of digital literacy and computer science and are intended to drive coherent, rigorous instruction which results in the mastery and application of digital literacy and computer science knowledge, reasoning, and skills. –DLCS.

While the DESE does not mandate these standards, we feel the skills & knowledge is important to students in the Weston Schools and strive to integrate these standards into our curriculum.

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