The Office of Student Services, located at 89 Wellesley Street (Case House School Administration Building), oversees Special Education, Guidance, Health Services, and the English Language Education Program.

J Truslow

Jennifer Truslow


Director of Student Services

A Zernicke

Anne Zernicke


Assistant Director of Student Services

Janet Cinar

Janet Cinar

Administrative Assistant

Laurie Smith-Michaels


Out-of-District Coordinator

Weston Public Schools

Office of Student Services

May 29, 2020

Dear Families, 

We hope this letter finds you and your family well. We know these are uncertain and challenging times. There is nothing about social distancing and facing a pandemic that is easy, including your child being unable to be with their teachers and friends. While we wish we could guarantee that schools will be open this summer, we must be realistic based on the Governor’s prohibition on in-person instruction and the school closures currently in effect for the remainder of the school year. While we are awaiting guidance from our Governor, state and local health officials and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), we are planning for remote Extended School Year (ESY) services. Our Extended School Year program will run from June 29 – August 7, 2020. Preschool ESY will run Monday through Thursday, 9-12.  Programs for students K – 12 will run Monday through Friday 9-1.  Academic Support will be scheduled by the  ESY teachers. Programming will include synchronous learning sessions, guided activities supported by the teachers and learning assistants and independent activities. 

Team Chairs will be sharing details regarding your child’s summer services, based on their IEP, their summer remote learning plan and your child’s ESY teacher with you in the next few weeks.  Your ESY contacts are Anne Zernicke, Assistant Director of Student Services and Patrick Kelly, ESY Program Coordinator/Special Education Department Head 6-12. 


If your child attends an out-of-district program, the determination regarding whether or not your child’s Extended School Year services will be offered in person or remotely will be made based on guidance from the Governor’s Office, DESE and the school/program your child attends. If  you have specific questions about what your child’s out-of-district school/program will be offering this summer, please contact Laurie Smith Michaels.


If circumstances change and in-district students are permitted to receive in-person instruction and services this summer, we will contact you with revised plans for a safe, gradual implementation if possible. For students attending out-of-district programs, we will follow up with you with information as we receive it. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we work through these challenges together.



Jennifer C. Truslow

Director of Student Services