The Office of Student Services, located at 89 Wellesley Street (Case House School Administration Building), oversees Special Education, Guidance, Health Services, and the English Language Education Program.

Parent/Guardian/Family Meetings with the Weston Student Services Director

It is critical that the Director of Student Services understands the needs of the students, staff, parents and community members in Weston. As part of this process, I invite parents and community members to meet with me throughout the year to discuss their ideas, thoughts and concerns. It is important to understand that although I am always willing to discuss individual situations, I can not change an IEP or change the decision of an IEP Team. In order to schedule a meeting with me, please click on the link  “Schedule a ‘Martha Meeting'” and sign up for a time slot.  Please note I usually add meetings a week or two before at the beginning of the week.
I look forward to talking with you,
Martha Bakken
Director of Student Services

Weston Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Weston SEPAC)

The Weston Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Weston SEPAC) is an all parent volunteer group of that promotes a network for parents of children with disabilities to provide a forum to share information, support, provide resources and discuss important issues.

  • Geri Spaulding

    Office Aide, Student Services