Weston Windows: Opening Young Minds

A developmentally-appropriate integrated preschool that supports all children.  We recognize each child’s strengths, individual needs, pace and style of learning.  A learning environment is provided where each child can safely explore, discover, create, interact, communicate and grow.  Establishing a collaborative relationship with families is the most effective way to create the best possible experience for each child.

Weston Windows conducts ongoing screenings and evaluations for children aged 2.9-5.  If you have concerns about your child, please contact Marya Bergloff at 781-786-5381 to discuss our screening and evaluation process.

If you wish to schedule a tour of our preschool program or if you want more detailed information about our program, please call Marya Bergloff at 781-786-5381.

If your child is enrolled and you have any questions, please call the school main office number (Woodland School, 781-786-5300; Country School, 781-786-5400).



We will be starting the year off with a comprehensive unit on “Change in our Environment” and be focusing our inquiry on water and how we interact with water in our environment.

We will also be introducing comprehensive skills needed for phonological advancement necessary for pre-literacy.