The Weston Public Schools is committed to excellence in learning for further education and work, for civic responsibility, and for the love of learning.

The Weston Public Schools will achieve excellence in learning through collaboration among community, parents, administration, faculty, and students. Recognizing that learning is a lifelong process, all partners in the school community will use imagination, reflection, invention, rational inquiry and judgment to anticipate the demands of the future and to support the learning of others.

The curriculum will include both subject-based and interdisciplinary instruction for grades K-12. A Weston education will provide students with a broad knowledge base, integrating the arts, technology, communications and core academic areas. Graduates will be able to write and speak effectively, and will develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary to participate productively in a constantly changing, culturally diverse and complex world.

The learning environment in Weston will stimulate and support all students in their intellectual, social, and personal growth to prepare them to become good citizens and to enable them to achieve whatever personal or career goals they pursue. Students will be encouraged to take risks and assume responsibilities; they will respect themselves and others, and be committed to serving the wider community with honesty and integrity.

Approved by Weston School Committee