Core Values, Mission Statement and School Culture

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Elementary School Bus Routes
Students are picked up beginning at  7:08 AM (6:15 for Boston students). The school day begins at 8:00 AM and dismissal is at 2:20 PM. Click here for bus routes.

Core Values

Respect for learning, respect for others, and respect for property

Mission Statement

The Field School staff is proudly committed to student success, both academically and socially. This means each student demonstrates academic competence, self-confidence and an understanding of appreciation for the learning process. We believe our team organization, flexible grouping, and cooperative learning strategies are integral to maintaining our tradition of academic achievement and our collaborative spirit as a teaching and learning community. We believe our strong partnerships with the Weston community continue to enhance our ability to provide all students with educational opportunities and experiences needed for present and future success and happiness.

At the Field School we…

  • Expect all students to strive for excellence in an atmosphere of high, yet realistic, expectations, which are constantly readjusted as students progress as learners;
  • Create and maintain a sense of community and responsibility by emphasizing respect for learning, respect for others and respect for property;
  • Provide a safe, caring and challenging learning environment where students take risks, ask questions, and feel in control of their learning in order to achieve their fullest potential;
  • Develop critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving skills and a sense of joy and wonder about the learning process;
  • Provide for each student’s individual development and self-esteem;
  • Create a cooperative school environment where students are both active and interactive learners;
  • Maintain open channels for sharing ideas and receiving feedback from parents and the greater Weston Community.
  • Maintain a rigorous curriculum and a variety of instructional strategies

School Culture

At the Field School, as in all the Weston schools, we know that children learn best when they are emotionally prepared to engage the content. To meet this goal, we have developed and maintain a thorough curriculum which builds on the work begun at Country and Woodland. The tenets of the curriculum also dovetail with the RALI program of the Middle School. The primary components of the Field School program are:

  • Open and regular discussion with parents
  • Development of meaningful and personal relationships with students
  • Use of materials, presentations and protocols to reinforce positive behaviors

At the Field School your child will experience:

  • Opportunities to participate in snack and lunch groups. These groups are designed to allow students to discuss issues and concerns with their classmates and moderated by our school counselor.
  • Visits to the classroom by Dr. Hamilton, the school adjustment counselor, and me to explicitly discuss the issue of bullying as well as conversations about making good choices.
  • Presentations from outside performers and speakers dealing with bullying and the roles the bully, the victim and the bystander play.
  • Enrollment in a Principal Leadership Corp activity. The activities are derived from student passions and focus on making a positive and empathetic impact on others.
  • A code of discipline that is based on restitution, resolution, reconciliation.
  • An environment where, “all students are known” as discrete learners and people.
  • But central to all our efforts is a solid and open relationship between home and school. We will stay vigilant here at Field but, if you know of a situation where you feel a child is being bullied or if your child is acting as the bully, please don’t assume we know about it, too. Contact your child’s teacher, Dr. Hamilton, or me. Also, monitor your child’s use of electronic media, participation in youth sports, or external clubs and let us know if something is happening outside of school that is making you or your child feel uncomfortable.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure a positive school environment is maintained so that all our students can thrive.