After two years of construction, the new Field Elementary School has opened its doors to fourth- and fifth-graders in Weston.

The 65,400-square-foot school was built to replace the former Field School, which was built in 1950. Its windows, walls, and roofs had been breaking down, and its water systems needed repairs.

Construction costs totaled $31.5 million. The former Field School will be torn down in three weeks to make space for a soccer field.

Principal Matt Lucey said the new facility is “absolutely beautiful.”

“It’s a spectacular place for teaching and learning,” Lucey said. “We’re going to have more space available for our students than we did before.”

The new Field School has smaller classrooms, outdoor teaching spaces, courtyards, an amphitheater, a library, art and music spaces, and a dining room that will serve both the students and the community.

Lucey is especially excited about the new school’s dining room and kitchen, an addition not provided at the former Field School.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new school took place Thursday at the school’s amphitheater courtyard, and many attendees wore “Weston Field School Opening Day” shirts.

The Field School Chamber Musicians, the school’s chamber orchestra, performed during the event.

Nearly 400 students, faculty, residents and government officials attended.

Field Elementary was built by New England construction company, Colantonio Inc., with help from Weston’s Facilities Department, the Building and School Committees, Field School staff, Jonathan Levi Architects and Compass Project Management.

“The success of this project is proof of what happens when you share a common goal and never lose sight of it,” said Fran Colantonio, owner and President of Colantonio Inc.

From The Weston Patch