FS Cafeteria- Important Changes

Dear Field Families:

I am happy to share that we will be changing our cafeteria practices this coming Monday (December 5). As I mentioned in a prior e-mail, we will return to serving a hot lunch with multiple vegetable/fruit/grain choices that students can select on the spot when they have lunch. You will no longer need to sign up for lunch. This was our original practice across the district prior to Covid. Lunch will continue to be free for all students and a menu will be posted online for parents/students to see each week. If students do not like the hot lunch item any given day, they will always be able to select a salad, sunbutter sandwich, ham croissant, or bagel with cream cheese instead! The menu for December and the alternate options can be found below.


Students who decide to pick up a school lunch will make their selections and enter a code (their Chromebook passwords) into the cash register. It is important to note that students can buy a second lunch or additional food items (e.g., extra milk, cheese sticks, yogurts) using cash, check, or online MySchoolBucks.  To add money to your child’s account, please click on the link below.


Please also e-mail Field School’s Head Cook/Manager, Peggy Paronian, if you would like your child to be able to purchase additional items beyond a daily free lunch. Her e-mail address is: paronianm@weston.org.

We are excited about this shift back to pre-Covid cafeteria practices. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. Thank you.

Dr. Green

Dr. Dan Green


Field School
Weston Public Schools