Principal’s Advisory Council

The general responsibilities of the Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC) are as follows:

  • Help develop faculty meeting agenda
  • Review & address the recommendations of the NEASC Report
  • Assist in the development of short-and long-term goals in support of the School’s Improvement Plan
  • Assist in finding solutions to management challenges
  • Respond to student and faculty school-wide concerns
  • Act as key communicators for each department, students, and the Student Council

 Principal Advisory Council Members

Paul Peri, Chair

The student members of the Principal’s Advisory Council serve for rotating two-year terms, attending all Student Council meetings as a voting member.  They attend all PAC meetings and give input on conflicts and issues involving the student body, faculty, and school administration; provide minutes from all PAC meetings for the Student Council; and inform the Student Council of important issues facing the PAC.

Don Benson
La Toya Rivers
Danielle Cooper
Bailey Fidler
Gita Foster
Ted Garland
Alida Hanson
Lia Hansen
Mike McGrath
Henry Moon
Maryann Shea
Liliana Smith

WHS School Council

The School Council comprises parents, students, faculty and administration
who meet monthly to advise the school principal, assisting with:

– Identification of the educational needs of the students entering the school
– Review of the annual budget
– Formulation of a school improvement plan and/or educational goals

The Council may also raise issues of concern that may arise from year to year.

Meetings are held in the Principal’s Conference Room Fridays 7:40am -8:40am.

Contact details for School Council Members can be found here
The public meetings dates are listed on the High School calendar.
The agendas can be found on the Town of Weston website. Scroll down to School Committee.

School Council Members

Paul Peri, Principal and Co-Chair

Kelly Flynn, Assistant Principal and Co-Chair

Members: Barbie Cobb, Danielle Cooper, Kelly Flynn, Gretchen Gugliotta, Alida Hanson, Onika Jenkins, Tricia Liu, Mai Luo, Paul Peri, Victoria Rakov, Sean Smith, Yongcheng Wang,

Tally Zeller, Emma Scully-Power, Madison Jenkins,  2023 Zara Nip, 2022, Caitlyn Bradley, 2023

Keila Jalinous, 2024, William Zhang, 2025, Shania Smith, 25