Happy New Year to all! Bonne Année! Felix sit Annus Novus! Feliz año nuevo!

As we progress further into the (not so new) millennium, we are increasingly aware of how important knowledge of and communication in another language is vital to our success as individuals and as a culture. Twentieth century barriers are overcome by a new technology and a willingness to engage peoples around the world, so equipping our students with the tools to communicate effectively is our principal goal, our raison d’être. In order to meet these needs, Weston Public Schools offers students four languages: French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, and in doing so, reaches across an impressive spectrum of two modern European languages, a classical language, and a Far East language. We are grateful to a community that recognizes the importance of each of these offerings and is committed to supporting them in these difficult economic times. It should be noted that Weston High School will be offering Novice Mandarin to its students next year, thereby creating an additional entry point (to the 7th grade entry level) for this crucial language offering.
Please visit this page again sometime soon, as we will be updating it regularly with good news and information on our work.