Science Team Competed in State Science Olympiad Meet

Congratulations to the Science Team for a solid performance on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at the State Science Olympiad Meet. Overall we placed 16th out of 54 schools.
Students who participated include:
Seniors: Clara Li, Sam Tang, and Kenz Kallal
Juniors: Manny Eagle, Nathan Strauss
Sophmores: Jeff Liu, Ryan Nip, and Lukas Muzilla
Freshmen: Albert Wu, Andrew Yao, JaeHyo Namkung, and Ezra Odio
We placed in the top ten in the following 9 events out of a total of 23 events
2nd Place Chem Lab: Sam Tang and Clara Li
4th Place Optics: Ryan Nip and Lukas Muzilla
5th Place Mystery Architecture: Sam Tang and JaeHyo Namkung
5th Place: Material Science: Lukas Muzilla and Ryan Rip
7th Place Helicopter: Kenz Kallal and Jeff Liu
7th Place Hovercraft: Kenz Kallal
8th Place Dynamic Planet: Kenz Kallal and Sam Tang
9th Place: Rocks and Minerals: Ezra Odio and Albert Wu
9th Place: Wind Power: Kenz Kallal and Jeff Liu
They’ve worked hard this season to pull off a wide variety of events. Please congratulate them on their achievement!