WHS School Store Apparel Update


I wanted to give you all an update on some of the new items we can have designed for you in the school store.  We now have screens that can be placed on to virtually any type of apparel.  From the traditional cotton and 50/50 blends to the synthetic/dry fit materials, we can take your design and put it on those.  We have contacts with the common Sport tec and Gildan brands as well as the name brand companies such as Nike and Under Armor.  We can also create unique screens as well.  You can now create designs that are metallic, glitter, puffy and even glow in the dark!


In addition to the screens we have contacts that can work with embroidery as well.  If you want an apparel item that is embroidered let me know and we can get you a quote.   We can use a design you have created or help you come up with one as well.


All of the screening is done here at the high school where students are trained in how to make the apparel.  It becomes a great learning tool for them as they can learn how a business operates.


Also if you are looking to create apparel for fundraising or a club and are unsure of the amount that will sell, we can create an order form and list the items you want to sell.  You can set a deadline for when the orders come in and we can get the apparel ready in about 2 weeks.  This can reduce some of the stress and worry of how much you may sell.  The advantage of having the press in the store is that after the “flash sale” if there is increased interest in the apparel we can produce them and get them out quickly.


So if you have a club, sport or other organization and are thinking of apparel items, please send me an email.  I can show you some of our sample products and get you a quote.  We can also produce and finalize the shirts in about two weeks as well.  Let me know if you have any questions.




Corey Guerra


Business Teacher/DECA Advisor

Weston Public Schools

444 Wellesley St.

Weston, MA 02493


twitter:  @WestonDECA