News From Weston Theater Company

Weston hosted the Mass Educational Theater Guild’s Mass Theater Celebration. It was the culmination of a week of visits from the performing schools for tech rehearsals and a lot of fantastic work by our students–not just in performing but in hosting the visiting schools and making the event a true celebration.
Although the event is non-competitive, the following individuals were recognized with awards for their contributions by the two adjudicators, Naheem Garcia and Alex Johnson:
Award for Excellence in Acting to the “Family” Ensemble: Georgia Harper, Ryan Hayes, Hannah LeBaron, Terry Mullany, VJ Rougeau
Acting Award to the Avatar Ensemble: Grace Carter, Kian Debenham, Laurel Davidoff, Casey Friedman, Brooke Guswiler, Vincent Lian, Radhika Mishra, Margeaux McCaughey, Gui Pereira, Henry Wachs
Technical Award for Excellence in Sound Design: Alex Friedman, Jack Mullany, Terry Mullany, Sadie Noone, Thomas Piccione
Technical Award for Excellence in Lighting Design: Max Wecker
The David Dooley Memorial Award for the “Unsung Hero” of the festival went to Julie Jesurum.
We’re off to Wellesley High next Saturday for the non-competitive Mass Collaborative Festival.