Videos For Seniors on College Process

Hello, again, seniors and families!

As we continue to journey through this unprecedented college application cycle, we would like to share some useful tools to help make the process run smoother. Because we can’t do our traditional Senior Parent College Information Seminars and Guidance Seminars are not meeting as frequently, we have created a series of videos to walk you through the college application process. Both seniors and parents/guardians should watch these videos to gain an understanding of the college application process in general, as well as our specific Weston High School process.

Once students have viewed the videos, we will be meeting with them during Guidance Seminars, as well as during posted office hours before and after school to answer questions.

Parents and guardians will be able to attend Q&A sessions with counselors to have their questions answered.

The links to the videos and Q&A sessions are below:

Video Links:

#1 Senior Info Session: Welcome Address
#2 Senior Info Session: College Planning Landscape
#3 Senior Info Session: Application Components
#4 Senior Info Session: Application Process
#5 Senior Info Session: Financial Aid

Parent/Guardian Q&A Sessions:

Students should also be on the lookout for an email containing all of the forms they will need to request transcripts and letters of recommendation from their counselor. We will also continue to update the resources on our webpage with upcoming webinars, events, or tools that will be helpful as families move through the process. Should you have questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your counselor.

The Guidance Department