Black History Month & Database Survey

Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and your library has books and videos celebrating Black History through art, film, politics, activism, literature and more. Visit the Black History Month display in the library or browse it online and reserve books for pick up.


Databases are an important academic resource. Educational institutions buy these collections of edited articles, videos, images and ebooks are purchased for academic use. For most research you use a mix of free resources you find online and databases.

Googling and using databases require the same amount of work. When you Google, you jump right on Google and get a million results (sometimes too many) and you pick and choose the best you can. Finally, you evaluate the source to create a citation. With databases, the work is frontloaded: you have to start on the library website, choose a database and sometimes use a password. Once you’re in the database, you have fewer results to choose from, you’re confident the source is reliable, and the database creates a citation for you.

Popular WHS databases include World History, Global Issues, Science, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. We invite you to browse the databases on the library website by choosing the “Databases” tab. (Passwords, if needed, pop up when you scroll over the “i” in the black circle next to the database name.)

What do you think about using library databases? Please take this survey to help us serve you better.

New Books

Find a great book in our new books and themed collections guide.

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Alida Hanson