Schedule for Wednesday, June 8, 2022

●  Regular incoming bus schedule in the morning for 9th graders taking MCAS and any other student who does not have a ride later in the day

●  Regular outgoing bus schedule at the end of the day

●  Extra outgoing bus runs at 11am for Freshmen, after the MCAS exam,

(One METCO bus and Blue, Green, Orange, & Red for Weston students)

Wednesday 06/08

8:45-10:45 MCAS STE Gr 9

10:50-11:30 Study/Reading Period

11:35-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:10 Study/Reading Period


G BlockFinal

Reminder of exam week protocols:

●  Students do not need to be at school during Study/Reading periods or lunch

●  Students do not need to be here unless they have a final scheduled, but should not be late for any final

●  During the Study/Reading period, students may use the gymnasium, (staff will be there)

Best of luck to our students on your exams! WHS Administration