Special Schedule for March 7-Grade 10 MCAS Infrastructure Trial

On Thursday, March 7th, Weston High School will be conducting a MCAS Infrastructure Trial to be sure our network and computers are ready for the MCAS assessments scheduled for later  dates. On Thursday, 3/7, we will run a one hour delay for all students except 10th graders.

Please note, the buses will run at the regular times and there will be only ‘one run’. If a student is not taking part in the MCAS infrastructure trial they may be in the gym or cafeteria during the trial. If a 9th, 10th, or 12th grade student is able to drive or be dropped off then they may arrive in time for their 9:45 first block.

Below is the schedule for Thursday, 3/7. All 10th graders are expected to be in school at 8:45 with fully charged computers for a trial run of MCAS procedures. 9th, 10th and 12th graders will be expected to be in at 9:45 AM if they are not accessing buses for the day. 

March 7 – MCAS Infrastructure Trial 

Day 1 Blocks 2 & 3 are switched

8:45-9:40     Grade 10 and ELA/Math/STE proctors in testing rooms for infrastructure trial, Grades 9, 11, 12 in cafe, gym, or science wing

9:45-10:40   A1 –  First block for all teachers and students

Lunch (D1 Third Block) 10:45-12:15

10:45-11:15   First Lunch   Class Block     11:20-12:15

11:15-11:45   Second Lunch      Class Block      10:45-11:13-11:48-12:15

11:45-12:15   Third Lunch Class Block     10:45-11:40

12:20-1:15     C1 Second Block

  1:20-2:15    H1 Fourth Block

  2:20-3:15    F1 Fifth Block