Senior Class Events

Clap Out/Countdown Event:

Next Friday, May 17th, marks the ceremonial final day for this class and we will be commemorating the moment with a class meeting/countdown.

The schedule for Friday:

8:45-9:45 – Arrival at school. Attendance taken. Breakfast celebration in the cafeteria. 9:45-10:20 – Senior Assembly and Countdown in the Gymnasium.
10:20 – Exit the building, head down the path to the parking lot/field area…

Parents/Guardians/Families are invited to ‘clap out’ the seniors around 10:15 am. Students will be exiting via the Gymnasium/Auditorium doors.

More information to come on:

Internships, Graduation, Senior Week Events, Student Documents

For the most up to date information and to see if you have missed anything please visit the Senior Class page.