Community Service and Work Permits

Outside of academics, students benefit from life skills learned in the work place. This can be gained through unpaid or paid work. Weston High School grants credit for certain kinds of community service. We offer opportunities for paid work as well, by posting positions on this website.

Community Service

Weston High School recognizes students who perform community service in the form of a certificate:

  • Community Service for Recognition Certificate: Students who perform a minimum of 20 hours of community service, above and beyond any other obligation, will be recognized at Class Day/Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. Service hours performed between May of the previous academic year and May of the current year are eligible for recognition, including hours performed over the summer. This form along with all write-ups is due the first Friday of May. Late submissions may receive a certificate but will not be recognized at the awards ceremony.

In order to be recognized for completing community service students must complete the appropriate Community Service Form. Please see the forms for details. Forms are also available in the guidance office

Current Community Service posted 5/31/23

Camp Arrowhead in Natick is a summer camp that pairs up volunteers, mostly high school students, with a camper with disabilities for the week. Here is a link to their website Here is also a link to a video from 2019 so you can see what our camp is about link. We are in the process of looking for volunteers for this upcoming summer. Volunteering is given on a per week basis and a student can choose to sign up for just one week or multiple weeks. Our first week is June 27-30 and our last week of day camp is July 31-August 4th. A volunteer earns 6 hours of community service each day at Camp Arrowhead with a 5 day week earning a volunteer 30 hours total.

Please contact Alex Campbell at 508-654-7375 with any questions.
CIT Supervisor

Work Permits

So, you want to get a job?! In order to complete the employment process with a company, you need to comply with certain legal regulations that are stipulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There are changes to this process that are made fairly regularly, so we have provided this document to assist you through the process. Students need to follow the steps outlined in the Work Permit Directions. Download the Work Permit Directions before contacting the Guidance Department or main office, where the official permits are issued.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Obtain a job offer from an employer.

Step 2 – Fill out the Employment Permit Application which can be found on the state’s website at .You may call the High School at 781.786.5820 or email Guidance Department Administrative Assistant Christina Kalil @

Step 3 – Have your new employer complete his/her section called the “Promise of Employment” on that application.

Step 4 – Students between the ages of 14-15 are required to get a physician’s signature.

Step 5 – All students (regardless of age) will need a parent’s signature.

Step 6 – Take the completed application form to the High School Guidance Department. If you are a current Weston High School student, your “proof of age,” is on file. If you are not a current Weston High School student, you will need to bring a document such as your birth certificate, passport or immigration record to prove your age. As well, you will need to bring a letter from your school (on their stationary) indicating your status as a full-time student.

Step 7 – Ms. Kalil (and the student) will then complete the actual work permit document. The student MUST be present to do so; a parent cannot complete this stage of the process in place of the student. The Work Permit is filled out and signed by the student in person and certified by a designated school official.

Click here to view Massachusetts child labor laws and legal work hours for minors

Opportunities for Parents & Businesses

Our hope is to expose students to occupations and opportunities that will enable them to make more informed choices about college majors and career paths. Parents and businesses can help in this endeavor by joining us in one of the opportunities below.
Senior Internship
The Senior Internship Program provides closure to the academic experience at Weston High School. Seniors are enrolled in a preparatory course in January that includes interest inventories, aptitude surveys, resume writing, interviewing skills, and job readiness skills. During the last three weeks in May, seniors work six hours per day in a career field in which they have expressed an interest. The senior internship is unpaid. Mentors assign students to assist with daily tasks or to work on a specific project. This internship gives students the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge about a specific occupation and the education and/or training requirements involved. It gives you the opportunity to observe and/or train students who may fill your summer or future employment needs.

Employers offer students the opportunity to gain career related experiences by providing after-school, weekend, and/or summer work opportunities. These positions may be either paid or unpaid and allow students more time to immerse themselves in a particular career.

Career Day
Every two years a Career Day is held at the high school. Over 85 speakers are recruited from a wide range of occupations to speak to small groups of interested students. Sessions are 45 minutes long and speakers usually volunteer for one or two sessions. Topics include your own personal career path, a description of what you do, an overview of the career, salary range, education or training required and the future of the career as it is impacted by changes in technology and the global economy.

Paid Work Opportunities

Summer Job Opportunities for Weston Teens and Young Adults