posted September 11, 2018


Dr. Therese Provenzano is looking for 30 willing, energetic and hard-working students to head to the Gulf Coast during February break February 13 -21, 2019 to help re-store the community and land in the continued devastation of Hurricane Katrina. This year, we will be heading to the heart of the Gulf – New Orleans, to build, work with families, schools, community centers, and planting of bayous and wetlands.

You will have a great opportunity to help those in our own country whose homes and lives have been uprooted by a natural disaster. This trip will be extremely inspiring and a great learning experience, combined with lots of physical work.

The total cost for this full 8 days is approx. $1750.  This includes ALL necessary costs for the week  – flight, room, meals and transportation. We will be staying at Camp Restore – a group that runs the workweek and supervises our group in the area.

If you are interested or have questions about the week, you can pick up a form from Doc Prov at the high school or contact her at  (781) 786-5976 or