Weston High School values and depends on parental involvement.  Student performance is profoundly influenced by parental engagement in the educational process as well as in school life.  Teachers welcome hearing from parents and are available for conferences to discuss their student’s performance.  At the same time, there are opportunities throughout the year for parents to support classroom instruction, whether as a mentor for a science class, a speaker on Career Day, or to chaperone on field trips.

Read below to learn about the organizations that involve parents in the life and administration of the high school:

Volunteer to support Class Activities

Whether it’s helping to organize and decorate for class dances or events, providing decorations and assistance for the Sophomore Haunted House or volunteering to help with Graduation on the Town Green, you can be as involved as your time and energy allows.

Check out the each class at WHS’ Extra-Curricular Activities by visiting the class events page.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Weston High School PTO Chairs serve as a liaison between the PTO, school principal and the parent community. The High School Chair and Co-Chair work closely with the school principal.  They meet regularly to discuss school issues, coordinate school events, teacher appreciation events, and attend School Council and Parent Advisor meetings and assist with special projects as needed. This is a two-member team in which the Co-Chair shadows the Chair for a year before taking on the leadership role the following year.

The PTO is an all-volunteer, parent-run organization serving our WPS K-12 school community. At the high school, the PTO provides opportunities for parents to be involved in their children’s increasingly independent lives, through volunteer opportunities, activity support and special events. PTO supported Parent Advisors mentor each Class through all of their class based events, like dances or community service. In addition, the PTO provides support (both volunteer and financial) for high school based events and activities like:

  • Principal’s Coffees
  • Guidance and Health Forums
  • Parent Discussion Groups
  • Back to School Night
  • Class funds for incoming Freshman Class
  • School Beautification
  • STEM Guest Speakers
  • STEM Field Trips to curriculum related companies and academia
  • Biology Independent Research Project Mentors
  • Biology Symposium Refreshments
  • Art and Film Festivals Support
  • Faculty Appreciation Luncheon
  • June Academy Volunteers
  • Return of the Graduates Forum
  • Graduation Reception
  • Awards Reception
  • Senior Book Awards
  • Graduation Flowers
  • Senior Overnight
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Boston Weston/METCO Parent Organization (BWMPO)

The Boston Weston/METCO Parent Organization (BWMPO) consist of elected parent volunteers who work together with the METCO Director and the METCO liasons to assist parents with adjusting to the Weston Schools and transportation issues and/or concerns. The BWMPO holds monthly meetings in Boston to inform parents of current and upcoming events, share information regarding students and METCO Program, and enhance parent interaction. During the school year we also meet with the Weston School Committee and the Weston PTO.

Debra Bullock, Grade Rep Chair 617-592-4159(c)
Santos (Jr) Ortiz, PTO Rep 617-910-9665

Weston Boostersboosters logo

Weston Boosters supports extra-curricular activities, primarily Athletics.  Athletics at Weston High School is a dynamic component of the high school experience.  Aside from serving on the committee, there are many ways to support Athletics.

Weston Education Enrichment Fund Committee (WEEFC)

WEEFC logoWEEFC is a subcommittee of the School Committee, which is devoted to the enrichment of education throughout the district.  The subcommittee is appointed by the School Committee but volunteers are essential to executing the many activities of the organization.  Click on the WEEFC link below in Links to Our Partners’ Sites, select from the Partners button in the menu bar above, or click on the link at the left for more information about WEEFC.

Weston Friends of Music (WFOM)

Weston Friends of Music is a parent volunteer group that supports the Middle and High School music programs. Join us! We welcome new ideas and suggestions for ways to enrich our music program.

The Community Alliance for Student Theater (CAST)

CAST provides assistance to the High School Theater Company.

Weston High School Council

The School Council is a state mandated advisory group whose members are elected each September to represent parents, facutly, students and the community. Legislatively mandated to review the school budget and disciplinary policies for the Student Handbook, the School Council also advises the principal on other issues related to student life and academics. The School Council produces a School Improvement Plan each year, which is presented to the School Committee in May for implementation the following year.

The Weston Special Education Parent Advisory Council for Special Education


The Weston Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Weston SEPAC) is an all parent volunteer group of that promotes a network for parents of children with disabilities to provide a forum to share information, support, provide resources and discuss important issues.

We provide educational presentations for parents and teachers of special needs and typical students.  We meet with school administration and school committee members to give our input on policies and programs that impact our children.  We promote and raise awareness of children with special needs.  We meet with our state representative to share and discuss information to advocate for children with disabilities.