Faculty advisors assume ultimate responsibility in assisting the class with the following responsibilities:

  • Approval of Events: To consider and approve all event proposals before submission of activity request forms to administration for final approval.
  • Logistical support: To help coordinate, organize, and assure all administrative tasks are completed (i.e., dance contracts, building use forms, activity requests, assembly requests, signing of contracts with vendors etc.)
  • Acquisition of information: To inform students of new opportunities, changes in rules/policies, conflicts with other school functions and dates
  • Supervision of Election Process: To supervise and emcee election speeches for class officers and Student Council Reps.
  • Guidance: To guide student leaders in appropriate decision making and request further information if things are unclear
  • Acquisition of Chaperones: To serve as the designated administrator at class events and arrange for other chaperones to assist them at designated events
  • Meetings: To meet with class officers on a regular basis as well as supervise class meetings and be available for questions
  • Follow-through: To follow up with faculty and administration on issues of procedure

Weston High School-Parent Advisor Responsibilities:

Parent Advisors assist Faculty Advisors with the following responsibilities:

  • Participation: To promote student leadership and encourage the involvement of the entire class in class events, projects, and fundraisers
  • Community Involvement: To foster community involvement by recruiting parents to assist with chaperoning class events and engaging in volunteer work
  • Guidance: To assist the class and its elected officers in carrying out activities which bring the class together
  • Meetings: To meet regularly with class officers and faculty advisors as well as to attend the monthly PTO Parent Advisor Meeting with Parent Advisors, the Director of Student Activities, and the PTO Chairpersons in an effort to maintain an updated record of class events/fundraisers
  • Awareness: To keep up on major events occurring at the High School
  • Communication: To communicate regularly with class Faculty Advisors to discuss student/parent concerns and issues surrounding class events, fundraisers and projects
  • Chaperones: To serve as chaperones at all class events