SEA logoSEA focuses on improving environmental awareness within the high school. We help coordinate recycling of paper and cans, remove invasive plants from the school, and encourage all who care about the future of their environment to join.

SEA banner

Club Advisor Mrs. Janet Kresl-Moffat
Club Chairs:

Emily Yang, Tyler Morris and Carter Sullivan

What’s New?

This year, SEA students were a part of the math/science night at Woodland School with a presentation on recycled bottles and another on composting.

 SEA students have been working with the cafeteria to pick up the leftovers from food preparation for composting.  We have a worm composter going in the green house and a more traditional composter outside.

 We have been making students aware of environmental concerns on the planet with our SEA banner displayed and are working on a display to get students to use more reusable.  We had students sign a petition for replacing water fountains with hydration stations.