WHS 2018 Final Exam Schedule

Students are required to attend review sessions. Attendance will be taken.
Tuesday 5/29 Review Day 1

7:30-7:35 Homeroom
7:35-9:00 B1 Block
9:05-10:30 D1 Block
10:30-11:55 LUNCH
11:55-1:20 F1 Block
1:25-2:50 H1 Block

Wednesday 5/30 Review Day 2

7:30-7:35 Homeroom
7:35-9:00 A1 Block
9:05-10:30 C1 Block
10:30-11:55 LUNCH
11:55-1:20 E1 Block
1:25-2:50 G1 Block

Thursday 5/31  Review Day 3

7:30-7:35 HR
7:35-8:03 A1 Block
(27 min blocks) 8:08-8:36 B1 Block
8:45-10:45 Class Day for Sophomores & Juniors
11:00-12:05 C1 Block
(11:00-11:30m 11:35-12:05 lunch or vice versa)
12:10-12:38 D1 Block
12:43-1:11 E1 Block
1:16-1:44 F1 Block
1:49-2:17 G1 Block
2:22-2:50 H Block

Students need only report ON TIME for appropriate exam.
Attendance will be taken in each class.

Friday 6/01

7:35-8:40 Study/Reading period
8:50-10:50 C Block
11:00-12:45 LUNCH – Study/Reading period
12:50-2:50 H Block

Monday 6/04

7:35-8:45 Study/Reading period
8:50-10:50 A Block
11:00-12:45 LUNCH – Study/Reading period
12:50-2:50 F Block

Tuesday 6/05

7:35-8:45 Study/Reading period
8:50-10:50 Math Final
11:00-12:45 LUNCH – Study/Reading period
12:50-2:50 D Block

Wednesday 6/06 Early Release

7:35-8:45 Study/Reading period
Early Release 7:35 – 10:50 FRESHMEN SCIENCE MCAS
8:50-10:50 G Block Final

Thursday 6/07

7:35-8:45 Study/Reading period
8:50-10:50 E Block for Sophomores & Juniors
11:00-11:45 LUNCH – Study/Reading period
11:50-12:45 June Academy Initial Meetings
12:50-2:50 Make-Up Finals

Friday 6/08

7:35-8:45 Study/Reading period
8:50-10:50 B Block Final
11:00-12:45 LUNCH – Study/Reading period
12:50-2:50 Freshmen E Block

Advanced Placement Program is a national curriculum which culminates in a standardized examination in May. At Weston High School, students’ transcripts designate AP courses and grade point averages are calculated based on a weighted system in which AP courses are given a 1.0 boost.  Our school profile and other supporting information indicate that all students in AP courses are required to take the AP exam in May. This year, AP history exams are optional, AP Latin is optional, and the AP Statistics exam is optional for Seniors. It is still required for students in other grades. Students who register for optional exams may elect to cancel their test registration through 4/25/18 and are eligible for a partial refund.

2018 Weston High School AP Exam Schedule

Course Name Exam Date Day Time
Chemistry 5/7 M 7:30 AM
Spanish Literature & Culture 5/7 M 7:30 AM
Psychology 5/7 M 11:30AM
Spanish Language & Culture 5/8 TU 7:30 AM
English Literature 5/9 W 7:30 AM
United States History 5/11 F 7:30 AM
Biology 5/14 M 7:30 AM
Music Theory 5/14 M 7:30 AM
Physics C (E/M and Mechanics) 5/14 M 11:30 AM
Calculus AB 5/15 TU 7:30 AM
Calculus BC 5/15 TU 7:30 AM
Computer Science A 5/15 TU 11:30 AM
French Language & Culture 5/15 TU 11:30AM
World History 5/17 TH 7:30 AM
Statistics 5/17 TH 11:30 AM
European History 5/18 FR 11:30 AM
Latin 5/18 FR 11:30 AM

Morning exams run 7:30-12:00; Afternoon exams run 11:30-4:30. Students are not permitted to leave exams early.
Student/parent questions and concerns about the AP program may be directed to Ms. Sumski or Ms. Miele in the Guidance Office or Ms. Patterson in TEC or by phone at 781-786-5820.
Room assignments for all exams will be published in the lobby by the main office on the day of the exam. If you have a conflict with a specific exam time, you must notify Ms. Sumski, Ms. Miele, or Ms. Patterson ASAP to discuss your eligibility for an alternate, late administration. There is no guarantee that a late administration will be available.