Compass Program Overview: The Weston High School Compass Program provides students faced with medical, mental health, and social-emotional challenges with a safe, structured space and integrated short-term (6-12 weeks)  therapeutic and academic supports as they work towards fully accessing the general curriculum.

Compass Core Services:

  • Direct clinical supports to students: Intentional/planned clinical supports, on-demand supports; crisis intervention when needed
  • Academic coordination: Collaboration with a student’s teachers to modify assignments for the student to demonstrate sufficient mastery to accrue credit, facilitate direct teacher support with the student as needed
  • Family engagement: Consistent communication with parents/guardians about student progress, needs, learning, and opportunities for family engagement
  • Care coordination:  Consultation/collaboration with all in-school supports and collateral providers

Phases of the Compass Program 

Phase 1: ADMISSION(1-2 Days): Compass staff will help facilitate meetings with students teachers in the Compass room. During this time they will be discussing what material needs to be made-up and when an appropriate time would be to begin attending classes. 

Phase 2: Gradual Re-Entry(10 School Days):During this phase students will begin to gradually attend their classes with the goal of resuming back to their full academic schedule. 

Phase 3: Increase Independence (Individualized time frame): Students will be consistently attending all their academic classes, caught up on make-up material, and keeping up with current assignments.  

Phase 4: Graduation :Student has demonstrated adequate improvement in emotional well-being, academics, and attendance or has been referred for testing. Exit Meeting: During this time there will be a formal meeting to discuss supports and strategies upon graduation of the program.

 Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition (BRYT)

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