All course recommendations are posted in the Campus Backpack found in your Infinite Campus portal (only available through a computer login, not the mobile app). Log into your portal and you will find the Campus Backpack in the “More” tab on the left.


    Please see your Course Recommendations in planning your academic program for the next year.  Further, a thoughtful contemplation and discussion with your school counselor often helps in clarifying your options and planning for the future.  You can access the Program of Studies HERE.

    The senior course selection sheet can be found here: Course Request Form for Class of 2023

    Course Selection Fact Sheet

    Please note the following:

    • You do not have to take all the courses for which you were recommended. Generally, students take five credits in each academic subject area, although as a senior you may want to focus your interests. Choose honors and AP courses wisely, considering your schedule as a whole and activities in which you participate.
    • You must have a teacher recommendation in order to sign up for an honors or AP-level course. Note: Recommendations are not required for AP Psychology or AP European History.
    • If you would like to take an honors or AP course but were not recommended, you must complete the Course Override FormThe priority deadline for override requests is Friday 2/18. The Override Request Form is completed by the students and emailed to their counselors, after which the student is responsible for having discussions with their current teachers. Any requests or teacher meetings taking place after 2/18 will put students on a waitlist to be considered for placement at the end of the summer when all other requests have been addressed.
    • We are unable to honor requests for specific.
    • Students must register for a minimum of 33.5 credits and provide priorities and alternates as indicated below. English and Math are required. The maximum number of credits per semester is 20 and per year is 40.

    The Importance of Top Priorities and Listing Alternates:

    Please indicate which courses are your top priorities. If you do not list priorities and alternates, and the course you are requesting is not available, a choice may be made for you without your input.


    Click heading above to see the progression of courses for each department.

    English: Recommendations for AP English Literature are based on the average of grades for common assessments (major writing/tests taken by ALL students in current course). Students requesting an English course as an elective in addition to their core English course(s) will only be admitted if space is available once all students taking the course to fulfill English requirements are placed.

    History/Social Studies: No recommendation is needed for either AP Psychology or AP European History.

    Mathematics: Seniors recommended for AP Calculus may, in addition, take AP Statistics. Seniors who have not completed Honors Pre-Calculus and are recommended for AP Statistics must complete the fall semester of Pre-Calculus Part II as well. Please see the Department Head for recommendations for AP Computer Science.

    Science: Current electives are Environmental Science, DNA Science/Biotech, Anatomy & Physiology, Forensics and Engineering. Seniors are encouraged to consider any of these electives. See school counselor for information about taking honors-level electives.

    World Language:

    1) Language instruction is proficiency-based. Students are recommended for the next level if they earn a C+ or better in the Novice and Intermediate I courses (Latin I and II), a B- or better in Intermediate II (Latin III) and a B or better in the Honors Intermediate III (Latin IV) courses. Students may repeat a course for credit if they are recommended to do so.

    2) The designation of another language denotes that the student, due to excellent performance in the current language, might consider taking a second foreign language. Please note that this would have the student taking six academics instead of the recommended five and limits the student’s ability to take other electives.

    Recommendation Criteria for Advanced Courses:

    course minimum grade or other criteria note
    AP English Literature Average of A- in American Literature, based ONLY on average of grades for common assessments (major writing/tests taken by ALL students in current course) See rubric on Departmental Website for criteria English teachers use to determine recommendation.
    AP Calculus BC A in Honors Precalculus and completion of challenge assignments.
    AP Calculus AB Recommendation from Honors Precalculus teacher
    AP Statistics Recommendation for Honors Precalculus or recommendation from Precalculus teacher.
    AP Computer Science Significant prior programming experience and recommendation of math department head
    Honors DNA Science and Biotechnology B in Biology and Chemistry
    Honors Forensics B in Biology and Chemistry (or concurrent)
    Advanced Engineering Honors B- or better in Physics and/or teacher recommendation
    AP Biology B in relevant course Successful completion of summer work by the date designated prior to the start of school
    AP Chemistry C+ in Honors Chemistry or B in CP Chemistry; at least B+ in Algebra II Successful completion of summer work by the date designated prior to the start of school
    AP Physics B+ in relevant course; Calculus (concurrent or prior) Successful completion of summer work by the date designated prior to the start of school
    AP French/Mandarin/Spanish B in Intermediate III Honors
    AP Latin B in Latin IV Honors
    AP Music Theory Approval of music department head, based on teacher recommendation and discussion with student