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In conjunction with Wellesley and Wayland, we are happy to offer the following virtual presentation for those individuals interested in learning more about the college athletic recruitment process:

Student Athlete/NCAA Night

Recommended for sophomore students and families who think they may want to play DI, II, II collegiate athletics. Kim Penney from  One on One College Consulting will be our guest speaker. March 9th, 7pm via Zoom.

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Meeting ID: 821 2743 8812

Password: 582678

return of the grads

Watch the panel discussion held on Tuesday December 21, 2021

Return of the Graduates

Click here for the Independent Study Application.

Independent Study Information 2021-2022

Non-departmental credit is awarded for independent studies completed under the supervision of a member of the faculty or other qualified advisor. The purpose of these studies is to allow students to engage in work outside of the standard curriculum in an area of special interest. Students first check with their guidance counselor and then complete an Independent Study Application.

Independent studies may include creative projects, working as a teaching assistant, or academic research. The committee will review applications and approve, deny, or suggest modifications based on the educational merit of the proposal. Please note that the Committee will be considering student commitment to follow through on the Independent Study. Since spaces are limited, the quality and timeliness of your written proposal counts. Independent studies may be a year or semester long in duration, but no less.

For more information please view the application.

Grade-Specific News


Seniors and families,

We would like to share some useful tools to help make the college process process run smoother. Because we can’t do our traditional Senior Parent College Information Seminars in person, we have created a series of videos to walk you through the college application process. Both seniors and parents/guardians should watch these videos to gain an understanding of the college application process in general, as well as our specific Weston High School process.

The links to the videos are below:

Video Links:

#1 Welcome Address:

#2 College Planning Landscape:

#3 Application Components:

#4 Application Process:

#5 Financial Aid: