Check this page for info on College Fairs and Community Events

Dear Juniors and Seniors (and parents/guardians),

As you know, Weston High School accommodates numerous colleges who ask to hold information sessions for our students. They are a great opportunity for students to meet admissions representatives, especially if they have been unable to visit the campus. They occur at multiple times during the day for 30 minutes. Students can view the college visit schedule in Naviance and can sign up to attend. The visits occurring in the next week are posted outside the Guidance office.

Students are required to obtain PRIOR permission from the teacher of any class that they will miss. “ College Visit Passes” will be available in the Guidance Office. Students must ask the teacher two days in advance of the class to be missed. If the teacher approves the absence, the signed pass must be returned to the Guidance Office by 3:30 the day PRIOR to the visit. Students with a free block need to obtain the approval signature from the Attendance Office and also return the pass to the Guidance Office by 3:30 the day PRIOR to the visit. The only exception to the day prior deadline will be if a “free” results from a class being cancelled. In this case, students may obtain Attendance Office validation on the pass the day of the visit.Students will not be permitted to attend the college visit without a signed pass.

Remember that absences from class, while excused, still accumulate and may trigger an N if excessive.

Don’t worry if you are unable to attend a visit! There are cases where a lesson, assessment or lab needs to take priority, and your teacher may not approve the absence. Representatives won’t think badly of you if you say that you can’t miss a class! We give the names of interested students who can’t attend to the college representatives and can collect materials for absent students.

If you have any questions, see your counselor.

Marla Schay, Head of Guidance