As part of Weston High School comprehensive guidance program, there are courses covering career, college and post-secondary exploration. Beginning with Career Exploration in the sophomore year and ending with the Senior Internship, students will learn to assess their personality and skills to evaluate professional opportunities, learn how to search for and obtain employment and gain on the job experience. Guidance Department seminars are aimed at helping students achieve their post-secondary goals, whether it be to prepare for college or other opportunities.

Syllabi, course assignments, documents and related information are available in Naviance.

Career Exploration Seminar — This course offers sophomores the opportunity to explore their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and interests in relation to possible career and college choices. Exploration will include interest inventories, self-exploration assignments, occupational research, exploration of labor market trends, speakers, and job shadowing opportunities.

Guidance Seminar 11 — This course is aimed at helping students achieve their post-high school goals. This pass/fail course is designed to assist all juniors with their planning for post-secondary education and other opportunities. The course meets once per rotation. Students will break down all aspects of the post-graduate planning process into more manageable steps. Students will develop an activity list, practice interviewing, research colleges, continue to explore possible career interests, and develop a timeline to manage all the testing and application deadlines. There is time built in for individual meetings with student’s guidance counselor.

Guidance Seminar 12 — Utilizing new information students gained over the summer, this course will provide students with direction and assistance in the actual submission of post-secondary applications, reminders of deadlines, and be a continual mode of communication by which counselors can convey necessary and important information to students. Graded pass/fail, this course meets once every rotation and ends after first quarter. There is time built in for individual meetings with the student’s guidance counselor.

Senior Transitions — The Senior Transitions Program provides closure to the students’ academic experience at Weston High School. Students begin this career exploration and planning course in January. This course which meets two blocks per cycle culminates with a full time three-week internship, which begins four weeks before graduation. The course curriculum challenges students to explore their personal skills and career interests. Assignments will also address resume writing, interviewing skills, ethics, and workplace behavior. Students will be exposed to a variety of careers through guest speakers and personal research as they prepare for the internship in a career of their choice. The internship gives students the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge about a specific occupation and will assist them when making decisions about college majors and career plans.

For a printable copy of this syllabus, see the Naviance Documents Library.

Rotation #1 

  • Syllabus & Overview of the BIG PICTURE
  • Roles of counselors and interns (Responsibilities of Students, Parents and Guidance)
  • Identify interests / Learning style
  • Managing stress
  • Standardized test review / Khan Academy
  • Career Interest Profiler Review/College Majors

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Rotation #2

Rotation #3

Rotation #4

  • Understanding the Admission Process
  • Mock Admission Committee Activity


  • Other Post-Graduate Options!
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Completing Assignments

NO CLASSES IN Q4. Covered in workshops, individual meetings or in Senior Internship include:

  • College athletics and the NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Considerations for visual and performing arts applicants


In order to pass Guidance Seminar 11 for Q3 the following MUST be submitted to your counselor:

  • First meeting with counselor
  • Graduation Requirements Checklist
  • Transcript, signed by both student and parent with corrections and/or explanations of unusual academic experiences
  • Transcript Addendum (if applicable)
  • Parent Brag Sheet (or completed in Naviance)

Completed in Naviance:

  • Introspective Survey
  • My Resume (or Resume/Activity List attached as a Journal Entry and shared with your counselor)
  • Career Interest Profiler


In order to pass Guidance Seminar 11 (for the year) the following MUST be submitted to your counselor in addition to the ones above:

  • Second meeting with counselor

Completed in Naviance:

  • GS11 Survey
  • Community Service Survey
  • Working list of Prospective Colleges