About the Department Head

Patrick Kelly is a veteran in the district. Mr. Kelly earned his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Stonehill College and his Masters in Special Education in Moderate Needs Education from Simmons College. He joined the Middle School in 2001 as an inclusion tutor and came to WHS in 2006 as a special education teacher.

Mr. Kelly is responsible for the supervision of the special education programming at the middle school and high school.  Information about each program can be located on the district Student Services page.  Over his years at the secondary schools, Mr. Kelly has added various programs and curricula to meet the needs of all students requiring specialized instruction during his time as Department Head.


Department Head:                            Patrick Kelly          (x 5943)

Team Chair:                                        Jeffery Dias            (x 5334)

School Psychologist:                          Kristen Hickey      (x 5944)

Bridge Adjustment Counselor:        Gabby Holland      (x5879)

Administrative Assistant:                  Nikki Patruno       (x 5881)


Special Education Teachers:

Allison Bees, Access Program                                                                         (x5896)

Rachel Bergeron, Bridge Special Education Teacher                                  (x5964)

Cynthia Brisky, 11th Grade Special Education Teacher                              (x5988)

Mike Burd, 9th Grade Special Education Teacher                                       (x5883)

Paige Hackett, 10th Grade Special Education Teacher                               (xTBD)

Lia Hansen, LBC Special Education Teacher                                                 (x5928)

Thea Ruggiano, 12th Grade Special Education Teacher                             (x5959)

Kayla Thornquist, 9th and 10th Grade Special Education Teacher          (x5972)


Related Services:

Speech and Language Pathologist:      Liz Carlson            (xTBD)

Occupational Therapist:                        Joan Bero              (x 5324)

Physical Therapist:                                 Heather Spicer      (x 5361)

School Adjustment Counselor:            Paula Gearan       (x5847)


Weston Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Massachusetts Special Education Laws and Regulations (603 CMR 28.00):

Parents Notice of Procedural Safeguards

Special Education Parent Information