TEC is open to all students.  All 9th graders are invited to visit TEC early in the school year and may come to TEC during their study halls.  Sophomores, juniors and seniors may come to TEC when they have “free” blocks.

Students can access TEC on an as-needed basis.  In addition, students needing ongoing support may be referred to TEC by classroom teachers and guidance counselors. TEC is open during regular school hours and after school most days until 3:30 and is equipped with computers with school program software, textbooks, and a host of student supplies and materials.

Each year TEC typically sees 10,000 student visits.  Over 90% of the student visits to TEC are student-initiated. The remaining visits are by students who have scheduled blocks at TEC as a result of the referral process. “TEC is designed to be a pleasant place to work,” says Andrea Gettys, who currently leads TEC.  “The growth in the number of visits and amount of tutoring shows that many students are finding it to be helpful.”

Principal Parker could not agree more. “It is wonderful to see this vision become a reality. I have been very committed to bringing this resource to our school for some time. This student support will level the playing field for those who struggle in certain areas and will support teachers as they deliver content to the students.  As TEC continues to grow we will make any adjustments to ensure its relevance and usefulness. Kids are not afraid to go there, there is no stigma attached. This is for everybody.”

Please encourage your son or daughter to take advantage of this exciting new learning opportunity.

Mrs. Patterson joined the staff in 2012.  She holds Masters of Arts degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and School Leadership and Administration from Rivier College and an undergraduate degree in music and political science from the College of the Holy Cross.  She holds certification in Massachusetts in Elementary Education, Elementary and Middle School Principal and Superintendent of Schools.