Field Trips:

1. If you plan on taking a trip during school hours students must fill out and have signed by their parent or guardian an official field trip permission slip.
2. It is against Weston policy to have students driving students.
3. It is against Weston policy to have teachers driving students.
4. Buses can be arranged through the district Transportation Coordinator @ (781) 529-8055


1. To have a dance you must complete the following forms:

– Chaperone Sign-up

-Dance Contracts for each student (revised for 10-11)

2. All forms need to be approved by the Student Activities office two weeks in advance.

3. All publicity should be cleared through an adult advisor or the Student Activities office.

4. An adult advisor should arrange police presence two weeks in advance; contact information is attached.

5. Class events are an attempt to encourage class bonding; non-Weston students may not attend class dances. Private school students may be an exception.

6. A minimum of four chaperones are required, two must be faculty members, preferably the class faculty advisors.

7. Early pick-ups must be arranged by a parent ahead of time.

8. There is no re-entry for participants once they have left an event.

General Event Info:

1. Use your judgment when arranging for chaperones for events other than dances. One adult for every 25 students is an appropriate guideline, with a minimum of two chaperones per event.
2. Obtain police presence for any event in town when more than 30 kids are expected, when parking is expected to be an issue, or when a potential conflict may arise (i.e., rivalry sporting events).
3. All events should be cleared with the Student Activities office to determine if an additional administrator should be present. Faculty Advisors are “acting administrators” at all class events.
4. The Student Activities web site has a lot of information for you. Please use it frequently. I expect to be able to find your latest plans and minutes posted in a timely manner.

Financial Procedures

If your club is having an activity that involves money, please follow this procedure:

Go to the Main Office and see Ms. Poller. Her hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day.
If you are requesting a cash box, you need to fill out the pink form that you will find in the basket on her desk.
Cash box requests must be turned in to Ms. Poller 48 hours in advance of when the cash box is needed.
The form asks how much and what denominations of money you need (i.e. coins, $1 dollar bills, $10s, $20s).
Please be sure to mark when you need coins!

Return to the Main office to see Ms. Poller on the date you have requested the cash box. She will hand it to you.
At that time you should count the money in the cash box to make sure your figures match hers. If you leave the office without counting, any difference in the amount will be charged to the club.
After the club event takes place you need to return the cash box the next day to Ms. Poller.
On her desk in the basket are the deposit slips. You must count the money and fill out the deposit slip and attach it to the cash box. Make sure to put your name and the club name on the deposit slip.
Be sure to break down the checks, bills and coins. Don’t forget to deduct the amount of money you were provided as start up for the cash box. Do NOT just leave the cash box on her desk. You must hand it to someone! If Ms. Poller is not available give it to Mrs.Kacoyanis or Mrs. Kaskon.

If your club requires a bill be paid or someone be reimbursed for an item bought for the club, you need to get the form from the basket on Ms. Poller’s desk called “Extraclassroom Activity Funds”.
The form needs to be filled out and then it must be signed by the Faculty Advisor of the club. Attached to the form must be the original receipt that details the item and the cost.
Please note that we are a tax exempt organization so we cannot reimburse someone for tax they paid on an item. If the person ordering or buying the item has concerns about that, have them get a certificate of tax exemption from Ms. Poller BEFORE they buy anything. If they have already paid for the items they will not be reimbursed for the tax.
Checks then need to be approved and signed by Mr. Parker. Processing can take 2-3 days depending on his schedule. Unless you specifiy otherwise, checks will be mailed out to the person seeking reimbursement.

If you want a report of your club’s activity please stop by and see Ms. Poller. It usually can be provided the same day.

Any questions, please feel free to see Ms. Poller in the main office.

Details of Planning an Off-Site Event

Faculty Advisors sign everything that pertains to events. Next, the signed forms are delivered to Anthony Parker (he has a box just inside his office). Once he signs the contract (only Mr. Parker can sign contracts), Diane Kaskon will send it to the appropriate Case House contact. To close the loop, Case House will copy all approved/signed contracts back to Faculty Advisors.

Paying Deposits:
Sharon Poller (main office) writes checks drawn on class funds. Please request a check as soon as you know you need one. Please do not use personal credit cards to make deposits.

Bus transportation:
The transportation office (781-529-8055) requests that faculty advisors make all arrangements for bus transportation. Ask for Angel, she is the contact for Transportation. Any verbal request must be followed by a written request; forms are available in the Main Office

Using the Town Green
Use of the town green requires contacting Liz Zeytoonjian, Town Manager and providing her information about your event so she may contact/alert the appropriate parties:

Zeytoonjian, Lisbeth:
781-893-7320 Ext. 308

The Following people will learn of your plans:
• Joe Daniel, Fire Chief
• Steve Shaw, Police Chief
• Bill O’Neil, Parks and Cemeteries
• Jerry McCarty, Buildings and Grounds
• Bob Hoffman, DPW
• Doug Mc Dougal, Dept. of Recreation
• Wendy Diotaleui, Board of Health

To obtain the appropriate permits, you must follow-up with individually:
• Bill O’Neil: 781-893-1263 Ext. 16
• Doug McDougal: 781-529-0203 Ext. 206

Please direct all inquiries to either Mrs. Diane Kaskon or Ms. Danielle Cooper.