The Black Student Union is a unique organization, which works to ensure that there is a positive channel for Black Students to contribute to the overall community at Weston High School.  Through efforts such as regular meetings, hosting school dances, community fundraising events and organizing the school’s Black History Month Assembly; the Black Student Union is a way for interested students to contribute to the school community while increasing its cultural awareness.  In addition, the organization seeks to help support all students of color in Weston High School and give them a voice as members of the school community.

The Black Student Union has a governing body consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Class Representatives.

Club Advisor:  LaToya Rivers

What’s New?

Watch the video from the 2019 Black History Month Assembly

Previous assemblies included:

Mr. Henry Brown as a keynote speaker. Mr. Brown has been a Weston resident for over 40 years. He has also done extensive research and spoken publicly about the history of Blacks in Weston. Mr. Brown has two children who graduated from Weston High School. He came to share his personal experiences and knowledge of the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

Honoring Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Through video clips, music, live performances and readings students highlighted many known and unknown icons and events of the past and present that they felt have had an impact on their lives. Beginning with slavery and traveling through to the present day, the students put together a presentation that they are proud of and that they feel will evoke thought, inspire deeper conversations about race as well as educate their school community on the many accomplishments of black people. During the assembly the students presented a brief moment to reflect on the Trayvon Martin incident and the larger message of racial profiling and prejudice as an obstacle for them to overcome. They asked that students wear hoodies on the day of the assembly, as it has become the symbol to the nation of the very serious epidemic of racial profiling that takes place and has taken place throughout our country.