Caped Clinicians

caped cliniciansClub Mission: We aim to make scientific information more accessible and understandable to individuals of all educational backgrounds through unique and creative means. Our goal is to bridge the educational learning gap so that everyone is able to appreciate groundbreaking scientific research, technology, and discoveries. We will work to present these scientific findings in entertaining and engaging ways, including providing newsletters that break down complex concepts and exploring speakers who explain their work. We hope to interact and bond with a variety of members both within our community and outside who share our passion and goal. Please visit our website for more information:

Club Advisor: Ms. Tulloss

Club Officers: Matthew Stick, Hailey Pelzar, Claudia Morzano, Olivia Duguay

Meeting Dates: Every activity block

Meeting Location: G50

How to Join: Contact Matthew Stick ( or Join the Google Classroom – Code: t62rrgj – to receive all updates