Students will play active leadership roles, as a select few have had prior exposure debate in the past. These students will be willing to teach and provide guidance to the newcomers and will largely contribute to running the club.

We meet Mondays 3:30-5:30 in room 206 of Weston High School

Advisor: Veronica Quinn (quinnv@weston.org)

The Debate Team, the only humanities-based competitive team in Weston as of the 2018-2019 school year, is a group of students who are focused on Public Forum Debate (2v2). Each month, a new current issue is introduced as the topic of debate.

Advantages of Debate:

  • Students will practice speaking under pressure and a time limit, which will increase self-confidence and presentation skills
  • Analyzation of both pro and con cases are required; debaters have to understand both sides of the spectrum for a successful argument, enhancing comprehension and critical-thinking abilities
  • Cooperation and efficient teamwork with a partner
  • Recognition of reliable and useful information through topic research
  • Opportunity to expand knowledge through exposure to a variety of real-world topics
  • Practice structuring and conveying logical arguments

2018-2019 tournament schedule (as of January 2019):

Newton South Winter Festival1/12 at Newton South High School

Lexington Winter Invitational → 1/19-1/21 at Clarke Middle School (Lexington)

March Merryness 3/16 at Needham High School

State Debate Finals 3/30 at Chelmsford High School

We are looking for people who are excited to learn and are ready to make a commitment, with or without experience!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the team’s advisor or any of the founders! Contact us via email: Kimya Jalinous (21jalinousk@weston.org), Neil Malur (21malurn@weston.org), Ben Chen (21chenb@weston.org), Joshna Iyengar (21iyengarj@weston.org), Jackie Liu (21liuj@weston.org), John Lian (20lianj@weston.org), Kevin Ma (20mahh@weston.org), or Victoria Qian (20qianj@weston.org).

Learn about the activity and talk to current team members about the benefits of debating competitively. Debate is among the most challenging and academically beneficial co-curricular activities available to WHS students!

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