DECA dec 2018

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools across the globe.  Pre-requisite: one business course.

Club Advisor: Mr. Corey Guerra

What’s New?

posted 3/22/2021
Congratulations the students who participated in the DECA state competition.  As with our district competition in January, this one was held virtually.  The students submitted their papers or role-play presentations virtually instead of live in front of a judge.  At our awards ceremony held last Thursday those that finished in the top 12 of their category were recognized as finalists and those who finished in the top 5 qualify for our International Career Development Conference in April.

The students have put in a lot of work to get here and I am so proud of the work they have done.

Congrats to all!

Accounting Applications Series Benjamin Gilligan  8th place
Business Finance Series Event Neil Malur 6th place
Business Growth Plan Max Coisman 4th place
Community Awareness Project Julia Niemann, Margaret Niemann and Elissa Polymeros
Community Giving Project Julie Hohenberg, Emilia Tutun, Tally Zeller 2nd place
Community Giving Project Caitlyn Rhatigan, Raymond Wang finalist – 10th place
Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making Ahmed Haidar, Sam Iyer-Singh
Finance Operations Akul Srinivasan finalist  – 11th place
Financial Consulting Jacob Ye finalist – 6th place
Financial Consulting Maya Iskoz 3rd place
Hospitality & Tourism Operations Grace Hanson
Hospitality & Tourism Operations Jenna Hashem, Maya Shamari
Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling Event Olivia Jackson
Hotel and Lodging Management Seamus Smith
Human Resource Management Series Event Melina McDonald finalist 8th place
Independent Business Plan Madison Jackson
Independent Business Plan Elliott Kilgallen, Reed Van Ogtrop
Innovation Plan Reese Connelly, Charlotte Martinkus, Mikey Steinberg
Innovation Plan Megan Malur
Innovation Plan Ava Olivier, Kendal Parker
Innovation Plan Patel, Scully-Power finalist – 9th place
International Business Plan Kimya Jalinous
Personal Financial Literacy Anna Lian 2nd place
Personal Financial Literacy Jessie Yuan 3rd place
Principles of Business Management and Administration Julia Chow
Principles of Business Management and Administration Zunian Luo 4th place
Principles of Marketing Chloe Zhong 4th place
Professional Selling Event Jacob Bley
Start-Up Business Plan Risa Nawa, Lexin Wang
School-Based Enterprise Gillion Lim, Isaac Levine   3rd place