Upcoming Events for Class of 2025

posted 8/29/2021

Class of 2025 Welcome!

Dear Class of 2025 Parents,

We hope you have enjoyed a nice, restorative summer.

We last saw many of you as we celebrated the 8th grade graduation. After a tough pandemic experience, we were so grateful to come together as parents and as a community to help celebrate the achievements of each student and support them as they move on to high school. A sincere thanks to all for your support over the graduation week and throughout our time at the WMS!

We would like to take this time to introduce your:

2025 High School Parent Advisors

-Debbie Boshart (Evan), Nancy Cosimi (Grant), Kelly D’Amaro (Lizzie), Leila Hooper (Jason)


METCO Liaison Jane Ortiz (Cian)

Parent Advisors collaborate with Faculty Advisors to be a resource for information related to the annual events that take place each of the four years of high school and to help mentor student leaders as they take increasing responsibility for planning and carrying out social events, community service and fundraising activities for their class, while building a sense of school spirit and community in their graduating class.

Now, it’s time to talk High School!! Plans are in the works for our first events, including the Freshman Orientation (students only) on Tuesday, August 31st 8:45-10:15 a.m. Traditionally, there are several opportunities for parents to connect throughout the year.  We will follow the school and town recommendations to determine the feasibility of events as they approach.

You can expect to be hearing a lot from this team over the next four years. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions any time. We look forward to working together to help ensure a wonderful high school experience for everyone!

Warm regards,

Class of 2025 Parent Advisors

P.S. Please remember to sign up to be a member of the PTO. Your support of the PTO is so appreciated and so helpful in ensuring we are able to support important events over the school year.  You will also be able to sign-up for volunteer opportunities via Membership Toolkit (the PTO website and app for member directory and other volunteer information): http://bit.ly/ptoToday


President: Andreas Gavris

Vice President: Erin Flanigon

Secretary: Andrew Kim

Treasurer: Nate Whitworth

SAC Rep: Sam Hinckley

Faculty Advisors: Henry Moon, Richard Warby
Parent Advisors: Nancy Cosimi, Kelly D’Amaro, Leila Hooper, Debbie Boshart
High School PTO:  Stephanie Goldstein, Peter Ross