Upcoming Events

Class of 2024 Important Announcements & Information

Freshman Class Forum Video (held 8/27)


New WHS Parent Forum Slides (held 9/3)


New in Weston PTO store: School Spirit Lawn Signs!

The PTO is excited to offer new Spirit Lawn Signs to celebrate our Weston Public School Community as we get back to school. The signs are $10 each, and you can purchase them at the Membership Toolkit store. Place your orders now, and when the signs arrive, we will deliver them directly to your front yard. PLEASE NOTE – you may need to click the “item in your cart” section at the bottom of your browser to check out!


Class Officers

President Caleb Graupera
Vice President Caitlin Lacey
Secretary Erin Huang
Treasurer Owen Wang
Student Advisory Council Rep Arjun Jasuja
Faculty Advisors Rachel Orenstein and Kristin Mariano
Parent Advisors Sally Farzaneh, Jill Lenhardt
High School PTO Gail Palmer, Chair Stephanie Goldstein Co-chair