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Class Officers

Vice President
Student Advisory Council Rep

Faculty Advisors  TBD
High School PTO Lisa Green

Parent Advisors

Mai Luo
Cindy Tanny

First Quarter Minutes

  1. 10/10/18
    1. Upcoming class meeting on Friday–half an hour. Ask for feedback, let people know about social media pages, community service project ideas, gather volunteers for haunted house, submit hoodie designs.
    2. Think about community service project? Every class has one.
    3. Class breakfasts – maybe Thursdays to get let in easily, not every week because of expenses. Four times a year (after each term) or monthly. See how people like the breakfasts the first time, then plan after that because people who don’t enjoy it will not likely come back. Charge people money $2-$3, explain that it’s a donation. Future raffle? Make a poll asking people who will show up to the breakfast.
    4. Raffles for all grades
    5. Class merchandise: hoodies. Gregoire collects two designs from different people and show at class meetings. After, make poll on social media to determine winner, and announce winner at the next class meeting. Order them soon because shipping takes a while. Open preorders to figure out how many to order. Don’t use it for profit, but for school spirit.
    6. Keep in mind: freshman semi and sophomore boat cruise. Some grades combine them and others do regular tradition
    7. Halloween Haunted House (for sophomores), sophomores will hand us the decorations in two weeks. We will need strong people at 8:30-9:30 on October 27th to help load the things in a truck. Get volunteers.
    10/12/18 Greetings

    New facebook

    -We have created a facebook group called Weston High School class of 22′

    (Would like a visual)

    – Also, if you haven’t followed us on insta yet, we are @westonclass22

    Breakfasts in the mornings

    -We will make it cheap and affordable.

    -yes, there will probably be dunkin coffee there as well as donuts and other good stuff.

    New merch

    -So. We know that people like school spirit, but people also don’t like bad hoodies. We will be designing good grade and school merch that will be for sale at breakfasts and online. We will provide quality, but also allow it to be affordable.


Second Quarter Minutes

Third Quarter Minutes