Freshmen Class officers and Ms. Erin Patterson and Ms. Sophie Kulas (faculty advisors)

We have several BIG events coming up and need your HELP!


Keeping with the tradition of Weston High School, the freshman class hosts the Senior Awards Breakfast Reception.

We need your help to make this event a success!  Volunteers will be asked to decorate, set-up, serve, donate food, drinks, serve ware, and make monetary donations.

We need help from ALL of our families!

Please sign up here.

Our generosity will be reciprocated when we are the Senior Class in three years!


We are looking for 8-10 volunteers to help with bag check on Friday, June 1 at Weston Town Hall.

Bag check will take place from approximately 3-6pm.

Please email if you can help!


Saturday, June 9

Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE! Purchase here.

The class officers have been working hard planning this SPECIAL, END OF YEAR CELEBRATION.

Our current class president, Alton Jenkins and his family, are sponsoring the DJ for the dance.

This is a wonderful gift to help offset the costs of the event.

Thank you to Alton and The Jenkins Family!

Please help make these events a SUCCESS!!!

The Freshman Class has been so generous with their time to help with various charities throughout the year and as parents and guardians, you should be EXTREMELY PROUD of their dedication!

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you, in advance, for all of the help that’s needed in the next few weeks!

Warm regards,

Wendy Fox & Jana Hinton

Class of 2021 Parent Advisors

Class of 2021 Officers

President: Alton Jenkins

Vice President: Allison Kirk

Secretary: Sarah Augustine

Treasurer: Zach Meyers

SAC: Dellena Bereket


Class of 2021 Faculty Advisors

Sophie Kulas

Erin Patterson

Class of 2021 Parent Advisors

Wendy Fox

Jana Hinton

First Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
10/11/17 Attendance: Ally Kirk, Zach Meyers, Sarah Augustine, Dellena Bereket
Meeting time: 22:15
Post On Google Classroom and Facebook about Pumpkin Fest
Student Breakfast- October 20th
(Post on GC and Facebook when it gets closer)
Start advertising for Haunted House
Idea for posting on Facebook: Try to post multiple pictures a day so students are trained to go on and check it everyday.
Announcement in future : Halloween dress-up
Bonding Event Ideas: Vote on social media/GC? Tubing, Bowling, Movie night, Sledding on Town Green, Cross Country Skiing
Holidays: Secret Santa, Candy Grams
Charitable Fund Ideas: Cradles for Crayon, Environment?

Attendance:Zach Meyers, Ally Kirk, Sarah Augustine, Eduard Wu, Alton Jenkins, Dellena Bereket

Poll on GC for thoughts on Boat Cruise for semi-formal (Boat, Town Hall, Regis, Other)

Announce about breakfast on Facebook (donate gift cards)

Begin to post on Facebook to engage students

Make an instagram too?

This Saturday: Recruit people to help clean up after haunted house (sign up sheet)

Fundraising Options: Weston Hats/Visors

Charity to sponsor: castle marina (abusive relationships)

Halloween assembly Dress up: start advertising now

Make a contest to engage students more

10/25/17 Attendance:
Mia Lambert, Ally Kirk, Sarah Augustine, Zach Meyers, Alton Jenkins, Dellena Bereket
time: 7:05 am, 22:50 minutes

Things to change about the Haunted House for our year: stay professional (no laughing etc.), Make a room for elementary kids (less scary)

Majority poll results: Boat cruise (83% voted), ½ want boat
How could we get a guest : talk to Mr. Pezzote and have them sign a contract

Breakfast:success, great advertising (snapchat), gift cards were very helpful
Another breakfast?: spring

Winter: tailgate at basketball game; charge for chic-fil-a and raise a bit of money for grade funding

School Store: decent shape, could use some paint, ask an artist (Jackie Liu?) to paint a wildcat on the glass? Need permission
Gear: visors, lanyards, water bottles (but practical)

Candy Grams: talk to Mr. Pezzote and ask if Valentine’s Day is claimed
Spoon Game?

Main Charity Ideas: Ron Bretton Training Village (problem is only boys), Team Impact



Allison Kirk, Sarah Augustine, Connor Lehman, Zach Meyers, Alton Jenkins, Dellena Bereket


time: 7:05 am, 23 minutes

Permission to bring plus one

Charity of Choice: Pastor Park, Castle Marina: do research on what we can do to help, Children’s Hospital, Cradles to Crayons (winter clothing?) – Alton will contact, Summer camp for children with disabilities (Dellena will find name), Funds to org- donate shoes to

be sent to Uganda

Could choose a new charity each quarter

Painting the store? Jackie Liu

Second Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes


Quotes from cruise companies are in.

Possible date May 12th, May 19 does not work because of the prom (chaperon issue)

Create a calendar/sign up list for the gardening pastor park and courtyard


Cradles to Crayons. Put out boxes for donations- most likely winter clothing, but will take anything Need boys clothes

Locations at the front door, library? Rec. center?

Steps for Painting Store: Talk to Mr.Guerra,

sell food after sports (energy bars, etc) Needs to be approved by M/ Guerra and the administration (forms for each time)

What is the charge for custom printing on clothes?

Make signs to advertise- board in main hall-claim? Decorate, post announcement

for the Cradle to crayons collection and yard work

11/22/17 Attendance:
Sarah Augustine, Charlie Marchiony, Zach Meyers, Mia Lambert, Ally Kirk, Dellena Bereket, S. Kulas

Candy Grams: ask Mr.Pezzote if christmas is taken- if it is, St.Patrick’s Day is available, January because not much during this month

June 9th date is available/cleared by Mr.Pezzote, we need to decide on boat
Pay$65 for a ferry or $85-$90 for nicer boat

Urgent: Boxes for Cradles to Crayons- Ally emailed them
Schedule a day to go to Cradles to Crayon in Brighton- choose a spot available
Contribute to bristol lodge- cooking class is donating, could we help?

Garden and Courtyard: wait until spring

Basketball tailgate: decide a date, needs to be cleared with coach or Mr. MgGrath

Spoon game: ideas?
Something including another grade: freshman and seniors vs sophomores and juniors
Each grade decorate each section of cafe

Plan another morning breakfast: during winter time, valentine’s day breakfast?
Sledding on the town green or trip to nashoba- find cost and ask if kids have interest
Rent media center and watch game or march madness game in march

Large split since racial events- need to emphasize positive aspects, remember to be kind to one another

Decorate board and make a motto
Add something relating to cradles to crayons


Ally Kirk will put message on board about our winter drive for Cradles to Crayons

Ally is going to take pictures of Pastor Park (we are going to create before and after pictures)

St Patrick’s day candy grams dates: start selling them Monday March 5th- Tuesday 13th; 14th come together and build them

Create a discount to encourage people to buy

Cruise date: June 9th

Tix are $95, we need to fundraise

Fundraising ideas: sleepovers, watch a game in the media center- March Madness: pay $ to submit a bracket- Have a prize donated. 50/50 raffle tix, spoon game

We need to talk to people about the price

buses takes us into boston from pictures at town green

Bball Tailgate: chic-fil-a for the first game

Agenda needs to be published the day before by Alton Jenkins

Drive for the grade should be approved. Has the food drive posted on FB been approved?


Cruise-ask what sophomores did for boat this year (s. Kulas)

We have St. Patrick’s Day candy grams!

Allison Kirk made a poster for Cradles to Crayons- we need to explain what we are doing with Cradles to Crayons on board

Alton Jenkins needs to give us dates we can go to Cradles to Crayons

Zach Meyers will make a post on Facebook post

Tuesday, December 12th Chic-fil-a Tailgate: Alton Jenkins made a flyer ($10/meal)

Put them in public visible places

Start selling the food at 4:30, 24:02 minutes

How much should we buy for? Get estimate for amount of people we think will show up


Take Cradles to Crayons boxes next week- continue to announce the Cradles to Crayons boxes in order to get as many clothing items as possible!

Board ideas: put up a calendar, put pictures of classmates, use wrapping paper

Find a day we can all go to Mr.Pezzote during lunch or afterschool to refresh summaries of our jobs

Zach Meyers put up poll- check data later in the week and repost the poll b/c it is now lower down and not as much attention on it.

Put the same poll on GC

We need to fundraise- get clearance from Mr.Pezzote for selling pizza at bball games against Belmont and Wayland in February

Ms.Fox has the idea of sewing pillows and donating to hospitals- it would be a bonding experience for grade that is for a good cause; spread it out throughout 3ish days so more people are able to go

Asking Ms.Gilli b/c of her relationship w/ children’s hospital

Car wash during spring? Ask Mr.Pezzote if it has been claimed already

Scavenger hunt idea: pay $20 to be part of it, create a team but two teams are put together-people would be more willing to do it but would mix groups of people, be given a list

12/20 Ms. Gilli said the pillows is a great idea, and Ally will stay in contact with her. We need to pick a date.

Boxes of coats are overflowing, Wendy Fox will take up the coats on Friday. Ally and Sarah will help her load the car.

Polls on Semi: seen by 78 students, majority of people said they wanted the spirit of boston $90 option

Have the master list and during activity block, get everyone to come and vote

Start to advertise on the board about the tailgates on February Friday the 9th, and Tuesday the 13th. Wear pink the get in spirit during that week for Valentine’s Day and to get everyone excited.

People could claim the board just like the rock

Start to think about the movie night idea and the March Madness night in media center.

Ice skating night either on the Town Green, Rivers, or Veteran’s skating rink in Waltham ($3).


We decided with the cheaper boat option

Alton: Email Troy from Cradles to Crayons specific weekends to go- 2/2/18, 2/3/18, 2/10/18- pass the message if any of these dates work for him and the time (ideally mid-day)

Make sign up sheet for the board

Alton: Make an agenda for the next class meeting February 1st- we need to be more organized for it

If we have no school friday, then maybe have an impromptu sledding day

We need to meet with Mr. Pezzote, most likely the next activity block or the next wednesday meeting if he is available

Wendy Fox picked up the Cradles for Crayons winter drive

We could donate the old Weston tshirts that are outdated


May 11th option- boarding the bus at 5:00 pm ($44) with bus a bit more than that

Announce at the next class meeting on February 1st (do not spread until then)

Thursday (tomorrow) during activity block is the meeting with Mr. Pezzote

The two dates suggested for going to Cradles to Crayons do not work

We need to pick a date for the pillow drive for Boston Children’s Hospital- February 10th? Then come up with a date to drop them off

Bonding events: movie night, march madness- try to do a 4:00 pm game so it is straight after school and order pizza

could donate the old Weston tshirts that are outdated

Third Quarter Minutes

January 17, 2018

-Wednesday, February 7th (early release day) for the pillow drive

Collect supplies/do the drive until February 2nd

Felt tie-up pillows

Invite other grades

Put something on the board and pictures of what we have in mind for the pillow drive, and the date; also make posters to put around the school to publicize

Put a box of supplies in Ms. Patterson’s room to decorate the board

Have pictures of the Cradles to Crayons employees from when donating the winter clothing collected; print and put up on board

Check to see if we can donate snack bags with the pillows

Have snacks for the volunteers doing the drive; make a list for Wendy Fox to go buy snacks

Ice skating rink in Newton, Daily Rink; Frog Pond is also an option


Meeting in Black Box with Class is February 1st- Alton Jenkins make the agenda

Put information about the pillow drive Wednesday, February 7th

Put information about selling the pizza Friday, February 9th (playing Bedford) and Tuesday 13th (playing Wayland)

Each student gov’t member target to announce to one class about the pillow drive and how we need supplies donations- stuffing, fabric, needle, thread, scissors; if do not want to bring supplies, mention gift cards/money work as well


Attendance: Lena Bartolotti, Allison Kirk, Zach Meyers, Sarah Augustine, Alton Jenkins, Dellena Bereket, Sam Ross, S.Kulas, Wendy Fox

The Verve June 2nd or 9th- Saturday the 9th would be a safer option with possible snow days pushing it towards exam time

Check prices for DJ options- Alton’s family friend- many options

Cruise: October 6th

Freshman get Dunkin Donuts card for bristol lodge donations- we should do a breakfast

Schedule a meeting for after school some time with Ms. Hinton- never have a meeting with everyone- does not have to be long

Got 2 gift cards in the mail for pillow supplies; opening up to collecting supplies from all grades

Make a sign up and each officer get 5 friends to commit, and during class meeting

Make the donation in Christina’s name

Comellas for pizza at Basketball Games- cheap option which most people like

We need to retake the officer picture- most likely is lost

Have the highest amount of volunteers for the Special Olympics!!


Attendance: Allison Kirk, Sarah Augustine, Zach Meyers, Dellena Bereket, Charlie Marchiony, Eduard Wu, Mr.Pezzote, S.Kulas, Ms.Pattersons

From now on, we need a microphone for class meetings to manage the crowd (SK)

Contact DJ if you have one you trust, get a quote, we will compare and decide who is the best option (AK, AJ, DB)

Most likely we will reschedule the pillows for the next first half WednesdayPut a signup sheet on Google Classroom (SK)

Possibly have a get together on the town green today (2/7/18) due to the early release and no after-school activities

When dates get closer, plan out a date to watch a March Madness game in the media center after school- charge a bit for submitting a bracket and have a prize for the most accurate one. Open to all grades. Submit brackets March 1st

Candy Grams- March 5th- 14th (SK ask custodian for table)

Have a meeting with both parents the week after vacation- Wednesday the 28th (SK sent message)

Dunkin Donuts breakfast- we have the gift cards for it; do it after break- Friday, March 16th


We have to make new flyers for the pillow making with date March 7th (Ally)- try to get Cafeteria, but we will do it in GEC if not possible

Sell during the spring by the lacrosse field since no one else sells during the spring

Theme for Semi ideas: Starry Night/ Under the Stars, Under the Sea, Riverdale- Blast from the past

Design a poster for theme- prize is tix to semi

Alton’s dad donated a DJ- all paid for!

March Madness- bracket money goes to Children’s Hospital/ pillow-making

Need to make flyers for Candy Grams


Financial statement: Zach will ask Mrs Poller

We are going to make a list for who is going to be selling the candy grams at lunch starting march 8th (Zach Meyers) until 3:15, in HR mail boxes after school 3/15

Table cloth for the table (Ms Kulas)

Agenda class meeting:

Alton: The verve (ask parent advisors today for the details)

Zach: March madness (Wendy Fox needs to print brackets on cardstock)

Dellena: 2/16/18 Dunkin Donut breakfast in the cafeteria- we need more gift cards

Allison: Candy Grams

Sarah: Pillow drive March 7th in the GEC and spring fling April 28th- Camp No Limits

Organize a date with the parents this afternoon that works to drop off the pillows

Allison’s Idea: Make a freshman talent show to fundraise. Also a bonding experience


Attendance: Sarah Augustine, Zach Meyers, Allison Kirk, Connor Lehman, Alton Jenkins, Dellena Bereket, S.Kulas, Wendy Fox

Meeting time: 7:03 am, 21 minutes

Allison and Zach will split up the brackets and keep track of them

Goal: sell 50 brackets

Selling candy grams with the brackets

Goal: sell 70 candy grams

Alton is going to make a facebook announcement after the pillow drive about brackets and candy grams

Sarah will make a poster saying where to go for pillow-making today

Alton will bring all of the pillow supplies to the GEC

Next Friday Dunkin Donuts breakfast in Cafe; replace the pillow flyers after today with Dunkin breakfast flyers

For semi, we are going to get decorations after the prom and reuse them


Attendance: Zach Meyers, Sarah Augustine, Allison Kirk, S.Kulas, Wendy Fox, Dellena Bereket, Alton Jenkins

Meeting Time: 7:01 am, 25 minutes

Allison and Ms.Patterson decorated the board!

S.Kulas posted again on Google Classroom regarding the pillow drive information in the Cafeteria starting at 3:00

Sarah and S.Kulas will bring speakers

Lena Bartolotti suggested to partner with the elementary school for a Kids Night Out in honor of Cradles to Crayons (May 25th suggested date, but this is memorial day weekend so most likely will have to be changed)

Ms. Fox and Ms. Hinton need to put in their finances since September in the spreadsheet

Allison made Talent Show flyers

Dellena- Make a google sheet regarding who is signed up for the Talent Show

We could sell the Candy Grams not sold at the Talent Show with water

Three people are still in the running with their brackets

The Dunkin Donuts breakfast costed us $154

We need to start utilizing the parent twitter because there are very little parent donations

Sarah will check with Mr. Pezzote about if a car wash date is possible

Play the Spoon Game after the seniors leave

Allison and Zach reached out to Jackie to make the dance invitation

Could have a competition for the invitation

Should make the deadline April 13th, right before break