Freshmen Class officers and Ms. Erin Patterson and Ms. Sophie Kulas (faculty advisors)

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September 15, 2017

Dear Parents of the Class of 2021, 

Wendy and I are amazed by the incredible start to Freshman year!  The students seem to be adjusting well and are beginning such an exciting time in their lives.  We wanted to provide a brief summary of our role as Parent Advisors and the goals and purpose of our events and communications.  We will strive to: 

  • Promote Participation by the entire class in events, projects and fundraisers.
  • Fundraising!  We are responsible for raising funds for all of the Class of 2021 events including Sophomore Semi-Formal, Prom and culminating with the Overnight Graduation Trip.
  • Community Involvement: Recruiting parents to chaperone class events and engage in volunteer work.
  • Provide Guidance to the class and elected officers in planning and executing activities which build class unity.
  • Maintain strong Communications among the Class of 2021 community.


  • We hope to move this potluck event to the first home BASKETBALL game this season.  More details to follow.

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or can volunteer. 

We look forward to a wonderful Freshman Year! 

Warm Regards, 

Wendy Fox and Jana Hinton

Class of 2021 Parent Advisors



Class of 2021 Officers

President: Alton Jenkins

Vice President: Allison Kirk

Secretary: Sarah Augustine

Treasurer: Zach Meyers

SAC: Dellena Bereket


Class of 2021 Faculty Advisors

Sophie Kulas

Erin Patterson

Class of 2021 Parent Advisors

Wendy Fox

Jana Hinton

First Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
10/11/17 Attendance: Ally Kirk, Zach Meyers, Sarah Augustine, Dellena Bereket
Meeting time: 22:15
Post On Google Classroom and Facebook about Pumpkin Fest
Student Breakfast- October 20th
(Post on GC and Facebook when it gets closer)
Start advertising for Haunted House
Idea for posting on Facebook: Try to post multiple pictures a day so students are trained to go on and check it everyday.
Announcement in future : Halloween dress-up
Bonding Event Ideas: Vote on social media/GC? Tubing, Bowling, Movie night, Sledding on Town Green, Cross Country Skiing
Holidays: Secret Santa, Candy Grams
Charitable Fund Ideas: Cradles for Crayon, Environment?

Attendance:Zach Meyers, Ally Kirk, Sarah Augustine, Eduard Wu, Alton Jenkins, Dellena Bereket

Poll on GC for thoughts on Boat Cruise for semi-formal (Boat, Town Hall, Regis, Other)

Announce about breakfast on Facebook (donate gift cards)

Begin to post on Facebook to engage students

Make an instagram too?

This Saturday: Recruit people to help clean up after haunted house (sign up sheet)

Fundraising Options: Weston Hats/Visors

Charity to sponsor: castle marina (abusive relationships)

Halloween assembly Dress up: start advertising now

Make a contest to engage students more

Second Quarter Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes