Pathways to China 2010From 2007-2010, Weston was a member of the Pathways to China program.   Students in grades 8-11 participated in the WEEFC sponsored program for enrichment education about China.  Students participated in at least two 20-hour online-hybrid courses during the summer/fall covering Chinese history as well as current events.  Students were not required to speak or understand Chinese, but could take an introductory to Chinese course for enrichment.  The program culminates in an optional trip to China over April break.

Read about some of their experiences on the Pathways to China blog.

The Pathways to China program was created to offer Massachusetts students in grades 8-12 an exciting opportunity to study about Chinese culture, history and society through a combination of classroom instruction, travel and online learning.  The program currently involves teachers and administrators from eight participating public school districts in greater Boston–Bedford, Burlington, Lynn, Reading, Watertown, Westford, Weston, and Winchester. These educators recognize the importance of studying about China -given its increasingly critical role in the global economy and growing political and social influence in the world community.  read more