Spring 2017 Trip to Prague!

Overview of the Program
This program is part of Weston High School’s effort to build global awareness as an essential 21st century skill for our students. To that end, this program will promote the following:
1. Seeing oneself as within a global context by multiple means, including identifying how and why individual actions may have an impact on a community, country, other nations and the planet.
2. Studying and experiencing in cultural context multiple languages.
3. Connecting classroom material to a global context.
4. Considering ideas that are different from one’s own.
5. Making meaningful connections with others.
6. Balancing common and individual goals.
Students selected to participate in this program are expected to commit to the following:
• Attend a series of 5-8 after-school seminars (generally about 2 hours long each), developed to prepare the student with an understanding of key aspects of the historical and cultural contexts for the sites we will visit. Central to the context will be events tied to the Holocaust and to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
• Complete about 20-30 minutes related reading and written assignments prior to travel in April.
• Develop a summative assessment project with the assistance of the participating members of the Weston High School faculty and complete the project within two weeks after our return.
1. Introduction; Amsterdam, Prague, and Berlin
2. World War I
3. World War II
4. The Holocaust
5. Post-World War II
6. The Cold War
7. 1989 and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
8. Preparation for the Trip