food club
Mission statement:
The International Food Club aims to celebrate different cultures through food. Weekly gatherings consist of eating various cuisines, playing games, and having fun discussions. Past food samples have included macaroons from France and salted egg crackers from Taiwan. Beyond school meetings, we have organized trips to food festivals.
Description of club:
The International Food Club began as an offhand idea, a rather simple question about the limitations of school offered food, how we as students could diversify our community, and the limitless possibilities we could explore to share own individual cultures. Our collective love of food, curiosity, and passion brought us together to establish Weston High School’s first ever cultural food club! Breaking geographical barriers, each week focuses on a different country, discussion topic (anywhere from “what makes hot pot taste so good?” to thoughts on the hot lunch of the day), and culture.
We typically meet in the cafeteria and/or library during activity block. Text “@22c6b9” to 81010 for updates and send an email to to join the mailing list. Hope to see you there!
Zara Nip, President
Reid Betty, Vice President
Alina Hooper, Treasurer
Ruth Wu, Secretary